5 Free Websites To Help With Sleep

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to help with sleep. Insomnia or not being able to sleep properly is a very common problem that all of us face. Stress levels at work, or generally in our lives, are so much that proper sleep is a must. It is a well-known fact that a sound sleep is very important and it lifts up your mood. These websites, that I have covered in this article, do exactly the same. They provide you assistance in sleeping and also make you analyse your sleep patterns. There are soothing sounds that you can play in the background to have a sound sleep.

The 5 free websites to help with sleep reviewed here are Rainy Mood, Napsounds, Simplynoise, Sleep Better, and Rozerem.

Rainy Mood:

Rainy Mood-help with sleep-home page

So, the first website to help with sleep is Rainy Mood. It is a very simple website that provides you with a background music for a better sleep. The sound of rain keeps playing in the background on the loop. All you have to do is, just play the music and close your eyes. The music comes with a very good-looking 3D wall paper that sits beautifully on your desktop. Along with the sound of rain, the website also provides a link for a different song everyday. You can choose to play that song as well, if you want. The volume of the sound can be adjusted and it is also available as an app for iOS and Android.

Try Rainy Mood here.


Napsounds-help with sleep-home page

Napsounds is the second website to help with sleep. This website also provides you with soothing background music to help sleep properly. There are three different types of music that you can play on this website. They are:

  • Classic
  • Electronic
  • Nature

These three different musical sounds are also available for free download. Apart from these background music sounds, the website also helps you realize the importance of proper sleep and gives you tips on how to have a sound sleep.

Try Napsounds here.



Simplynoise is the third website for you to help with sleep. Again, the website provides you with peaceful music to have a sound sleep. There are different sounds of nature that you can play in the background and take a powerful nap. The volume of these tracks can be managed and you can also download one or two of them on your system in MP3 file format, for free. All these tracks are one hour-long in length and the quality is also quite good. I just wish that the website had a pretty wallpaper in background like Rainy Mood.

Try Simply noise here.

Sleep Better:

Sleep Better

The fourth website to help with sleep is Sleep Better. The website provides you with tips to have a better sleep, various researches in the field of sleep, experts articles, and much more. The articles tell you to adopt certain measures that will help you to have better sleep. Apart from the articles, there are videos as well that explain the damage your body can suffer without proper sleep. It recommends you to opt against late night work, cigarettes as it can hamper your sleep.  Lastly, the website also lets you analyse your sleep score. They ask you some question related to your sleeping patterns and you have to choose from the provided options. Based on your answers, the website rates your sleep on a scale of 10 ( mine was 6.5), and gives you tips to follow for a better score.

Try Sleep Better here.



The fifth and final website to help with sleep is Rozerem. The website makes you realize the importance of sound sleep and how it effects your body. There are four different tabs but, it is the final tab that contains the main features of this website. This tab contains three tools that help you to analyse your sleep properly. One of the tool that helps you to sleep is Caffeine analyzer. You have to build the list of all the beverages you take in the day and count the quantity of caffeine you take in. Your results determine whether your caffeine intake is affecting or not. Other tools to help you sleep are sleep quality score and daily sleep diary.

Try Rozerem here.

Try out all these websites to help with sleep and start having a sound sleep ( if you’re not till now). Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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