5 Minecraft Tips And Tricks Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 Minecraft tips and tricks apps for Android. It might seem impossible to you, but there’s more than a few people who haven’t played Minecraft, and they do need some help to figure out everything that there is to figure about the game. Luckily, there’s a lot of fans of Minecraft out there, and they’ve made an effort to create guides in the form of apps that you can use to learn about the game and all it’s interesting features.

MinerGuide – For Minecraft

MinerGuide has a lot of interesting information about everything that there it to know about Minecraft to help you get started.

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Image above shows a description of one of the many items that you get and can use inside Minecraft. Search tool is available to help you find the item that you’re looking for. Next to descriptions of items, you also get lots of info on mobs, achievements, biomes, etc. Premium version of this app offers even more information.

Get MinerGuide – For Minecraft.

Building Guide: Minecraft Free

Building Guide: Minecraft Free is a building guide for Minecraft that teaches you and gives you directions on how to build various interesting structures.

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Guides have images of each step and clear text instructions on what needs to be done. Some of the available guides include Budapest Parliament, Boating on the Lake, CN Tower, Dungeon Adventure, Basic Adventure, Basic Survival Home, The Golden Gate Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral.

Get Building Guide: Minecraft Free.

Make sure to also checkout Photoseed for iPhone: Add Minecraft Faces and Weapons to Edit Photos.

Perfect Minecraft Building

Perfect Minecraft Building moves away from just text and images and it features videos instead. There’s a very long list of videos that you can use.

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The central theme of the video is how to create a house, and it really goes into details. There are videos detailing everything that you’ll need. Each individual room of a house, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, they all get a 10 minute video, some several 10 minute videos explaining what needs to be done.

Get Perfect Minecraft Building.

Unofficial Wiki Minecraft 2014

Unofficial Wiki Minecraft 2014 is another text based tips and tricks Minecraft app that touches on a subject that a lot of you must be interested in.

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What I’m talking about are Minecraft cheats. In this app you’ll find everything there is to know about cheats, among other things of course. Instructions on how to setup cheats, how to use them to your advantage, etc. There’s lots of other interesting information of course.

Get Unofficial Wiki Minecraft 2014.

Make sure to also checkout Minecraft: The Block Building Game.

MineCanary Minecraft Guide

MineCanary Minecraft Guide also has guides on how to setup cheats, but there’re also guides for a lot of other interesting tricks that you can use.

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For example did you know that you can breed new species of animals from existing animals in Minecraft if you give them wheat? Because apparently that is something that you can do.

Get MineCanary Minecraft Guide.


Each app has a lot of interesting tips and tricks for Minecraft. Perfect Minecraft Building is a bit more interesting because it has videos. Try them all and let me know which app helped you the most in comments down below.

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