Minecraft: The Block Building Game

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MineCraft  is a  free online block building game. Minecraft lets you create and explore your creativity through this online block building game. This game is created by Markus Persson. All the game lovers can buy this game from its official website or play it online for free. This Game is basically focused on creativity and building sense of a player, it allows the player to build structures with the help of textured cubes in a complete 3D World.

Minecraft is all about your imagination,you can create anything you imagine by placing blocks. This game includes 2 variants which are Classic and Beta, the Classic version is free and  basically focuses on construction with unlimited material supply. On the other hand the Beta version is paid, in which players should acquire resources themselves, and contains player health, survival, extra features and items. The game world of Minecraft is completely made of cubical blocks which are arranged in a  grid pattern which represents different materials like stones, tree trunks, water, several ores, water, dirt, etc.


The Classic Version of Minecraft Game is an older version which has not been updated and is available to play for free. The classic version has same functions in the creative mode like Beta version, which allows the users to create or destroy any part of the world either alone or in a multiplayer server. There are no computer creatures and the environmental hazards also cannot affect the player. The Classic version is the earliest free version which featured only creative mode in which a player can add or remove blocks.

How to get Minecraft:

  • Minecraft is easily available on its official website. When you open the website, on the homepage itself you can see a “Buy Now” tab for downloading this game which is only for the Beta version.


  • If You carefully look Below “ Buy Now” you can see 2 of its versions Beta and Classic, so now if you want to play it free you need to just click on either option “single Player/Multiplayer” in Blue color just below “Play Minecraft classic (Outdated, but free).
  • Your Computer should have Java installed in it to play this game.

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How to play Minecraft:

  • Use WASD keys to move, to move forward press “W”, to move left press “A”, to move backward press “S” and to move right press “D”.
  • For jumping use space key.
  • For opening inventory Press “B”
  • For toggling fog distance Press “F”
  • For changing the building block type use scroll wheel or1 to 9.
  • For adding a block use left mouse button,  remove a block using right mouse button.
  • Use Middle mouse button for copying blog type.
  • Release the mouse with “Escape” key and game menu opens up.
  • In Multiplayer press tab to show players and “T” for chatting.

Minecraft is a mind game which you can play by using your own creativity. So go ahead and visit the Minecraft website, and show your creative side.

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