Free Invoice Creator To Create And Manage Invoices And Quotations

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Quotations and Invoices LITE is a free quotation and invoice creator which you can use in order to create and manage invoices and quotations for the goods and services that you sell to your clients. It’s the perfect tool for a small or medium size companies. Multiple companies can be run at the same time and after a quotation is sent to a client, they can automatically be generated as an invoice.

Quotations and Invoices LITE free invoice creator default window

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Image above shows us the interface of this free invoicing software. You might notice the familiar Microsoft Office button in the top left corner of the application. That’s because Quotations and Invoices relies on Microsoft Access database, and the entire interface is basically an input mask. For this reason, depending on which version you download , you might need Microsoft Access installed in order to use Quotations and Invoices Lite.

Key Features of this Free Invoice Creator are:

  • Outstanding payment and invoice tracking with notifications.
  • Automatic creation of invoices from sent quotations.
  • Created invoices can be paid partially or with deposit payments.
  • Multiple payments for a single invoice can be made if necessary.
  • Preview of invoices before sending to printer or mailing as PDF.
  • Simple to use interface based on Microsoft Access.

When we said that you might need Microsoft Access installed when using this free invoicing and quotations software, we were referring to the fact that there is a standalone installer, with everything you need to run Quotations and Invoices, but there’s also a version available where Access is needed, you only get the database file with input mask.

How to Create Invoices and Quotations with this Free Invoice Creator?

We decide to install the standalone version, which is about 50MB bigger, but everything works right away, you just need to extract and run the setup. After running the application you should see the menu which can be seen above. There you need to click on My Details first.

Quotations and Invoices LITE editing company

This is where you will have to setup you company details, which are going to be added to the created invoices and quotations. Once that you’re done with setting up everything, click on Save, go back to the main menu. Now click on the large Quotations and Invoices button.

Quotations and Invoices LITE creating invoice

Enter all the information about the invoice that you’re creating. Client information, description of the delivery, list the goods and service, their prices, and so on. Scrolling to the bottom of the window you should see additional options. When you’re done you have options for either printing the invoice on your printer or mailing it directly as PDF. After you do that, you just need to make sure that the invoice is paid in time.


Quotations and Invoices Lite is surprisingly easy to use, it took us just a few clicks to have out first invoice created. This free invoicing and quotations software works rather fast, considering how large the installation is. It’s free, so it costs you nothing to give it a spin. Download it and see if it maybe just the application that you need for your business.

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Works With: Linux, Windows, BSD
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