5 Freeware to Sync Bookmarks Between Browsers

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Here are 5 free software that let you sync bookmarks between multiple browsers. Some of these bookmark syncing software let you sync bookmark between browsers on one computer, and even sync bookmarks across computers.

All these bookmark syncing software are completely free (and might have paid versions for additional features).



No Bookmark syncing list can start without XMarks. Xmarks is one of the most popular and feature list bookmark syncing software. Xmarks lets you sync bookmarks across multiple browsers, and also across multiple computers.

Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac only).

XMarks bookmark syncing freeware lets you sync bookmarks across all these browsers. To use XMarks, you just need to download and install XMarks on all your computers, and for the browsers that you have on your computer. After that, XMarks will automatically keep bookmarks synced across browsers.

Read more about XMarks, or download free here.

Tidy Favorites:

Tidy Favorites is another free bookmark syncing application. But Tidy Favorites works in a different manner, and actually provides much more functionality than just bookmark syncing. Tidy Favorites adds “+” and “*” button to your browser that you need to use for marking any link as favorite, and accessing your favorites. Any link that you mark as favorite using “+” can then be accessed using any other browse on your computer by using “*” button of Tidy Favorites.

Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome

Tidy Favorites stores all bookmarks in form of thumbnails, and lets you create multiple tabs in which you can store your bookmarks. You can setup a tab for tech sites, another for news sites, and so one. Then just one click on the relevant tab shows you live thumbnail view of all your bookmarked sites.

Read more about Tidy Favorites, or download free here.


CometMarks is not a very popular bookmark syncing software, but it does provides good bookmark syncing across browsers and even across computers. As with Xmarks, CometMarks also keeps bookmarks automatically synchronized across multiple browsers on your computer, and also across multiple computers.

Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, CometBird.

CometMarks also comes with a web interface that lets you access all your bookmarks online, and manage them. Any changes that you make in your online account are automatically synced to all your browsers.

Read more about CometMarks, or download free here.


Zinkmo is another free automatic bookmark syncing software that can sync bookmarks across IE and Firefox. Zinkmo can also sync bookmarks across computers, and comes with an online bookmarks managers to access all your bookmarks from a web interface. Zinkmo also comes with a duplicate link checker and dead link checker, to keep your bookmarks up to date.

Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox.

One of the nice feature of Zinkmo is that it lets you choose whether you want to sync bookmarks automatically, or whether you want to do it manually. Manual option is good if you do not want Zinkmo automatic bookmark syncing application to be continously running.

Read more about Zinkmo, or Download Zinkmo here.


BookmarkSync lets you sync bookmarks automatically across browsers, and also sync bookmarks across multiple computers. Free version of BookmarkSync lets you sync unlimited bookmarks across up to 3 computers. For more computers, you can switch to paid version of BookmarkSync.

Supported Browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera

BookmarkSync keeps running in your system tray. When it detects that you have added a new bookmark, it sync that across other browsers, and also stores a copy online on server. You can login to online bookmark manger to access your bookmarks anytime.

Download BookmarkSync here.

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