Zinkmo: Sync Bookmarks Across IE and Firefox

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Zinkmo is a free bookmark syncing software that automatically syncs bookmarks across Firefox and IE. Zinkmo can also sync bookmarks across multiple computers. Zinkmo bookmark syncing software is completely free.

Zinkmo is a modern bookmark syncing software to keep your bookmarks in sync.


Feature of Zinkmo Bookmark Sync:

  • Zinkmo automatically keeps bookmarks in sync across IE and Firefox. Zinkmo also comes with an option to manually sync bookmarks, in case you do not want to turn on the option of automatic bookmark syncing.
  • Zinkmo lets you sync bookmarks across multiple computers for free, and there is no limit on number of bookmarks that you can share.
  • Zinkmo comes with an advanced Online bookmark manager that lets you access all your bookmarks from anywhere. Online bookmark manager lets you add, edit, delete, and organize bookmarks online easily. You can even tag your bookmarks for easier searching.
  • This free bookmark syncing software comes with duplicate links checker. So, if you bookmark two pages with exactly same URL, it will show those to you, and you can choose to delete duplicate links.
  • Zinkmo also comes with a dead link checker that informs you about the links that are no longer valid.

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How to Use Zinkmo:

Zinkmo is quite easy to use. You start by creating a free Zinkmo account at Zinkmo.com.  After that, you can download and install Zinkmo from Zinkmo download page. Zinkmo comes with two piece of software that you will need to install. First is the main Zinkmo application that performs the main task of syncing. It keeps checking your browsers for any bookmark changes, and syncs the changes across other browsers and other computers. Second is  a special plugin for Firefox that is required to sync bookmark changes with Firefox. You will need to install these two software on each computer on which you want t o keep bookmarks in sync. However, if you do not have Firefox installed on any computer, then you do not need to install Firefox plugin on that computer.

Once you have done this, Zinkmo bookmark syncing software will keep your bookmarks in sync across all the computers, and all the browsers.

Zinkmo might not be as feature rich as Xmarks, but it is still quite easy to use, and provides easy syncing options if you want to sync bookmarks between IE and Firefox.

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