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Xmarks is the best free bookmark syncing software that lets you sync bookmarks across multiple browsers and sync bookmarks across multiple computers. Xmarks supports the most browsers that I have seen in any bookmark syncing software. It works with IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Snow Leopard. Apart from that, it works on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Xmarks bookmark sync comes with both free version as well as paid version. But the free version itself will be good enough for most of the users.


Here are the features of free version of Xmarks Bookmark Sync:

Bookmarks Sync: You can install Xmarks bookmarks plugin for each browser that you use, and on each computer that you use. After that, Xmarks bookmark sync will automatically keep bookmarks synced between multiple browsers across multiple computers.

Online Access to Bookmarks: Xmarks comes with online access to manage all your bookmarks. You can login to your free account on Xmarks, and access all your bookmarks from any browser. You can even edit and delete your bookmarks online, and the changes will be synced across all the browsers and all computers.

Sync Profiles: Xmarks lets you create sync profiles which let you control exactly which type of bookmarks are synced across which computers. For example, you might have a desktop and a laptop computer and office, and might want your office bookmarks to sync across your office computers only. And similarly, you can setup your home computers to sync across each other only. You will still be able to manage all the bookmarks online for all the computers. This feature even lets you create a small list of bookmarks for quicker access from your mobile devices.

Share Bookmarks with Friends: One of the great feature of Xmarks is that you can share your folders with your friends or family. You can choose exactly which folders or sub folders of bookmarks you want to share. Share bookmarks feature also lets you access your shared bookmarks via any RSS reader, or even as a web page.

Sync Passwords Across Multiple Computers: Because Xmarks bookmarks sync is LastPass company now, it also offers password sync across multiple browsers and multiple computers. This is a completely option feature. This feature also supports sync profiles, so you can control which passwords are shared with which computers. All the passwords are stored in an encrypted manner.

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How to Use XMarks:

Xmarks is extremely simple to use. You start by creating a free account on Xmarks.com. After that, you go to download page of Xmarks, and download Xmarks for all your browsers. For example, if you have IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome on your computer, you will need to download and install Xmarks separately for each of these browsers. However, the download size is quite small, and it should be pretty quick to download and install Xmarks on all browsers. As a part of installation process, Xmarks will prompt you to provide login information, and you can give the account details that you created earlier. If you want to install Xmarks on another computer, just follow the same process, and provide same account information on all the computers. After this, Xmarks will automatically keep syncing bookmarks across multiple computers, and multiple browsers.

Overall, Xmarks is a full featured bookmark syncing software that comes with all the features I could have asked for. Love it!

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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