5 Free Online Puzzle Games For Kids

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Here is a list of 5 free online puzzle games for kids. They have been designed in a manner to suit the interest of kids.

You might find a lot of puzzle games online that are designed in a conventional manner. Although, kids also enjoy playing these puzzles, but it cannot be said that they have been specifically designed for them. So, they might feel a bit disconnected to these puzzles as they can be above their understanding level, whereas, a game designed specifically for kids will surely benefit them. Thus, I have reviewed 5 such puzzle games that kids will totally enjoy and relate to. Let us have a look.

The 5 free games reviewed in this article are BookWarm, Coma, The Laboratory Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzles, Toupty’s Puzzle.



First in the list of online puzzle games for kids is BookWarm. It is a free online word puzzle game with an easy layout. There are jumbled letters given on a good-looking board, and you have to link the relevant words to form a word. Sounds too monotonous? Don’t worry! There are good animations and a cartoon character to make the game kids friendly.

The rules of the game are also very simple to understand. The bigger the word you make, the more score you get. In between there are special tiles that might prove to be both advantageous or fatal. These are tiles of different colors and each of them has a set role.

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online puzzle games for kids

Second in the list of online puzzle games for kids is Coma. This is an amazing cartoon styles puzzle that offers you a great time pass. The controls are simple to understand and the graphics too good to resist. A background music also keeps on playing in the background.

The basic layout of the game is that you have go through various riddles and find your sister, who has been locked in the basement by your father. The protagonist, which is you, is a small and adorable boy who goes through all the puzzles to free her sister. Sounds interesting right?

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The Laboratory Puzzle:

online puzzle games for kids

The Laboratory Puzzle is the third game in the list of free online puzzle games for kids. This is a jigsaw puzzle with some cool animations. Dr Zitbag has designed a new creature that is waiting to be explored. But, it will only be explored only when you solve the jigsaw puzzle as the creature is in those puzzle blocks.

The game is very simple to play. There are different levels that you can choose from and it will keep getting tough as you move ahead. No registration is required. Just hit the link given above and start playing.

Jigsaw Puzzles:

online puzzle games for kids

Jigsaw Puzzles is the next game in this list of free online puzzle games for kids. This is a simple game wherein, you have to join the blocks and bring the entire picture together. Keeping in mind the interest of kids, the pictures in the game are of cartoons, etc.

The game has different levels that you can play. There are options to play 6 blocks level, 12 blocks level, and more. No registration is required and you can directly start playing the game, by clicking the above link.

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Toupty’s Puzzle:

Toupty's Puzzle

The fifth and final game in this list of free online puzzle games for kids is Toupty’s Puzzle. The idea behind this puzzle is to provide kids with something they can find easy to play and relate to. It is a jigsaw puzzle with some twist. There are different animals ( more than 6 animals) given in the game and you have to join the puzzles and bring the picture together. The outline of the animal is given in the background and you just have to place the blocks in the right place. Seems easy right? Then go ahead and try it out from the link given above.

So, go ahead and try out all these games and play some interesting puzzles. If there are some other games that you play, then we would love to know about them.

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