BookWorm: Free Online Word Puzzle Game

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BookWorm is a free online word puzzle game. Find words in jumbled letters which are placed randomly on a board and link them.

BookWorm is an addictive word puzzle game to play on your browser. This game is provided by PopCap games website. Test and increase your vocabulary playing this game. Progress to higher levels and put pressure on yourselves. Have fun playing Book Worm game online.

About BookWorm Game:

In BookWorm game you have to link the letters and form words. The more lengthy the words are, the more score you get. So, form long words from those jumbled letters and make high scores. In between you will get special tiles which may be an advantage or disadvantage for you. So, manage them well and progress to higher levels. The higher the levels the more tough it becomes. So, let’s get to know more details about this words puzzle game.

Initially the game is set in a brown colored tiles as shown in below screenshot. All the letters are jumbled and you have to form words by joining adjacent letters. Like for example, in the screenshot I tried to link deals letter. First click on letter D then E and so on (they will get highlighted). If you have done a mistake and want to remove the letter, then click on the previous letter you have highlighted. You can form words from top to bottom or in the reverse way or zig zag method also. But the ultimate aim is to form words and score points.

book worm game online

Special Tiles:

The special tiles that appear in middle of the game are:

  • Green Tiles: Green tiles mostly appear when you find a longer word or sometimes randomly. When you use these green colored tiled letters in a word, you will get extra points.
  • Diamond, Gold, and Sapphire Tiles: If you find a five or more letter word, then you will get these special tiles. You just have to use these special tiles to make good scores.
  • Burning Red Tiles: Burning red tiles appear to increase pressure on you. The number of red tiles increase as you go to higher levels. If you don’t use these letters in a word, then they will automatically go down. If they reach the bottom of the tiles, then the game will end. So use these letters in some or the other way before the game ends.

The other way of making scores is that the mostly used letters like the vowels (AEIOU) has less score. As you can see in the above screenshot that some letters are indicated with a single dot in the right bottom and some of them with two. The letters indicated with two when used give you more score. The bonus word is indicated below the worm and if you find that you will get bonus score.

book worm game

If you want some help, then in the main screen of the game you can find Learn to play option. You can also view the video that I have included in the beginning of the review. You can try other games like: Hangman or Ortho Robot.

Click here to Play Book Worm Online.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 3.6]
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