Hangman: Free Words Puzzle Game Online

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Hangman is a free words puzzle game online. Play Hangman for free on your Chrome browser in single or double player mode, and improve your vocabulary.

Hangman is a popular words game, in which you have to guess the word letter by letter. The challenge of the game is, you will have to guess the word in a limited number of attempts. This hangman Chrome app is fully animated and with a funny background music. You can also add words to this game. So, try this improved version of Hangman on your Chrome browser.

Hangman The Words Puzzle Game:

Hangman is now available in Chrome Store. Just install this Chrome app and start playing Hangman whenever you are online. I remember playing Hangman in my childhood days, in books and on chalk boards. Now Hangman is available on almost every platform to play digitally.

In Hangman, you will be given a word belonging to a particular category like: colors, countries, etc. The letters of the word will be represented in form of dashes or spaces. Your aim is to guess letters and complete the word within limited time or limited chances. So, you score points if you guess the word before your chances expire or give a tough word to your opposite player and he doesn’t guess it.

This Hangman version is much advanced and fun to play. In the home screen you will find: start game, enter code, and create dictionary (as shown in below screenshot). You can also select a level from 3 difficulty levels.


Click on Start Game to choose a category from: 2 player game, movies heroes, cartoon heroes, countries, cars, etc. Select two players to play with your friend or else choose any other category to play single player. Choose create dictionary to enter a word of your own into the dictionary. The enter code option is for paid version of the game; but you don’t need this option as all the features are available in free play.

How To Play and Win Hangman:

After entering the game, you will be shown blank spaces. Just start guessing some letters by clicking on them; which are available on the right side of the board. Then eventually guess the word and win the game. For detailed gameplay, refer to the video that we have published in the beginning of the review.

If you win the game, you will be congratulated or else a body will be hanged representing that you lost the game. On the right side you can view the scores of how many rights and wrongs you did; in a particular category. Below that you will be shown the number of words available for play and number of words you have played.

hangman score

This Hangman is funny and entertaining. The graphics and sound effects are good. You can also try other puzzle game named Ortho Robot or  Stealth Bastard.

Click here to install the Hangman Chrome app.

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