Free Software To Group Windows: Mission Control/Expose Clone W7

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Mission Control/Expose Clone W7 is a free software which let’s you group windows on your Windows OS the same way as it can be done on Mac OS. With the help of this software, you can easily group windows, find the window that you are looking for or you can clear your screen of all the windows and access the desktop background.

Mission Control to group windows default window

Image above shows us this software in action. As you can see from the image above, all the windows are grouped together. This is one of the features which you can find in Mac OS by default ever since 2003. Now with Mission Control/Expose Clone W7, the same thing can be done on Windows. The entire application is very small, and it’s portable.

Key Features of Mission Control/Expose Clone W7 to Group Windows:

  • Group windows automatically based on their type.
  • Quickly find the window that you need by un-focusing them.
  • Hide all the windows from the screen and free up the desktop.
  • Replaces the standard Alt+Tab windows switching.
  • Adjustable effects of the windows un-focus and switching animation.
  • Portable application, doesn’t require installation to use.

Next to the free version of Mission Control/Expose control W7 for windows 7, there is also a paid version of the application for Window 8 where you get even better incorporation and additional features. One example would be the Expose effect where the windows can be changed and browsed through by clicking on the next buttons, like in the slideshows that you can find on websites these days. Here are few tips on how to set up this free Mission Control clone for Window 7.

How to Setup and Use Mission Control Window Management Clone for Windows 7?

Download the application, extract it, and after that you can start setting up the settings of it by opening up the mc.cfg. This is where you can change things like the animation effect length and grouping setting, more precisely which windows are gonna be grouped together.

Mission Control Expose settings

Settings can be changed by playing around with the numbers, if it’s for animations, or by changing the list of applications that’s listed in the groups. Default groups are browsers, office, editors, cleaners, but you can edit them to your liking if you want.

Mission Control Expo windows expo

Expo effect which is also available and could very possible become available free for users of Windows 8 and it can be seen in the image above. It’s best that you place Mission Control in the startup folder of the Start Menu so that it’s started with Windows. Clicking on Win + Tab will un-focus windows and activate the windows grouping.


Mission Control/Expose Clone W7 is a very useful desktop enhancement and window management utility which will change the way that you manage windows in Windows 7 and Windows 8 and allow you to have the kind of windows switching effects that you have in Mac OS. Application is very easy to set up, it doesn’t take up a lot of system resources and it can be customized to your liking.

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Works With: Windows 7 & 8
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