5 Free Quit Smoking Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 free quit smoking apps for Android which can help out when you’re trying to quit smoking. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, at least it isn’t easy for everyone. Even though quitting smoking mostly boils down to persistence and strong will, there are still some hacks that can make the entire process easier on you. Following apps will help you with exactly that. They have achievements, statistics and more.

Some of them even allow you to exchange messages with other people from around the world who are trying to stop smoking, so that you can find support from someone who goes through the same thing you are.

Quit smoking – QuitNow!

quit smoking apps android 1

QuitNow! is a quit smoking app for Android where the entire process of quitting cigarettes is treated as a video game basically. You get detailed stats on your progress (money saved, minutes of life kept, timer that measures time since the last cigarette and more).

Messaging boards are also included (they require a profile), where you can find support in times of crisis. App will also give off info like which bodily function has returned to normal (sense of taste, lung function restored, etc.) since you’ve quit smoking.

Get Quit smoking – QuitNow!.

Smoke Free

quit smoking apps android 2

Smoke Free is similar to QuitNow, only it lacks the social component, meaning you can’t register and exchange message with other people who trying to quit smoking.

What you do get are stats on your progress like money saved, money that you’re projected to save in a year, number of hours that you are smoke free, amount of life regained (in hours), etc. Diary is available where you can write down notes and cravings. Health progress keeps you up to date on how your health is getting better since you stopped smoking.

Get Smoke Free.

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Quit Smoking Slowly

quit smoking apps android 3

Quit Smoking Slowly is a quit smoking app for Android with a plan. It’s going to help you quit smoking by creating a plan where each day you’ll be smoking less and less cigarettes.

In the initial app setup, you need to login with an account (Google works fine). After that you need to select the number of cigarettes you smoke daily. App will then give you a 30 day plan with reminders, where each day you’ll be required to smoke fewer and fewer cigarettes per day (20, 18, 16, 14, etc.). There are also quit smoking tips and statistic if you open up the app menu.

Get Quit Smoking Slowly.

Quit Smoking

quit smoking apps android 4

Quit Smoking has widgets, and also charts so that you can keep track of your success more accurately.

It’s going to keep track of when you stopped smoking since the app was first launched. Just make sure to open up settings and add the number of cigarettes you’ve smoked daily up until you’ve decided to quit. App will then keep you updated on your progress with things like money saved, days spent without a cigarette, etc.

Get Quit Smoking.

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Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

quit smoking apps android 5

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation will also help you when trying to quit smoking by showing you detailed stats on your progress.

Things like time since you’ve quit smoking, money saved, number of cigarettes not smoked, amount of time saved are tracked. Your progress when it comes to health is also showed, similarly to how it’s showed in other quit smoking apps that I covered, see image above.

Get Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation.


I suggest that you try the last quit smoking app from the list, Cessation Nation, if you’re looking for something simple, and Quit Smoking Slowly for something a bit more advanced. Let me know what to think in the comments down below.

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