4 Free Software to Help Quit Smoking

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This list contains 4 free software to help quit smoking.

These software can motivate you to get rid of those death sticks that are dangerous to your health as well as eating your money. Most of these software provide motivational quotes and messages that will be helpful to prepare your body and mind to quit smoking. These software also come with their unique features. For example, you can check how many days of life have been saved after quitting smoking, keep stats, enter custom messages to display on screen, etc. Let’s start with the first software in this list.


Stopbuddy- interface

Stopbuddy is one of the best software in this list to help quit smoking. This software lets you add goals and provides some good tips to quit smoking. Apart from this, you can also learn about the health problems caused by smoking, effects to appearance, and other facts. By reading those facts, you can try to avoid smoking.

This software is also helpful to find out withdrawal symptoms (say tired, tension, dizzy, etc.) and tips to overcome those symptoms. So it comes with many features that you can explore to leave the smoking addiction.

While using this software for the first time, you need to fill some details, such as: number of cigarettes you smoke daily, amount you spend per day, etc. After this, you can get your quit smoking mission started, and it will count total number of days, hours, minutes and seconds you haven’t smoked. You can also password protect its interface that is handy to secure your records from other people.

Quit Counter

Quit Counter- interface

Quit Counter is basically used to keep the record of how long its been since you quit smoking. However, if you add a particular date and time, then you can find out how much money you have saved till now, how many cigarettes have been avoided, and how many days of your precious life have been saved. Probably, all the stats could motivate you and help you quit smoking.

Apart from keeping your own stats, you can also keep the stats of your friends. Moreover, this software also shows the milestones achieved. So all the things may help you to get the strong will to not smoke.

Quitting Smoking (Homepage)

Quitting Smoking

Quitting Smoking is another good software in this list. It provides a lot of motivational quotes and some good facts that will help to overcome from this slow suicide. Whenever the craving starts for smoking, you can activate the timer (3 minutes) and start reading the quotes. This may help to divert your mind and prepare you to not smoke. Once the craving time is over, it will prompt you to drink a glass of water that might help to relax.

Subliminal Blaster

Subliminal blaster- interface

Subliminal blaster provides plenty number of categories and every single category comes with a lot of messages. Among those categories, you will also find Quit smoking! category that provides multiple motivational messages to help quit smoking. You can also edit any message and start the session. Moreover, a new custom category can also be added by you easily.

When the session begins, messages will display on your computer screen on regular time intervals. You can also customize session settings. It is handy to set session length, interval between messages, and message duration to be displayed. Options to set text color, size, and contrast are also available.

We have also covered free websites for quitting smoking.


To quit smoking or any other addiction, all you need is strong will power. These software help you achieve the same by providing motivational quotes and other features. It’s never too late ever. So for those looking towards quitting smoking, this is the right time, and these software might be useful.

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