5 Free Websites To Help Quit Smoking

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Here are 5 free websites that help to quit smoking.

Quitting something that you have become habitual to is quite a difficult process to go through. This process is even more difficult when the habit in concern is Smoking. Smoking is probably the most  common problem that people are facing around the world. A lot of products like e cigarettes, chewing stuff have been devised to help people quit smoking, but the problem is far from over. Continuing with the plan of devising different methods to help people quit smoking, a lot of websites have been created that help you with the same. In this article, I will talk about 5 such websites that can help to quit smoking with the help of videos, articles, apps, interaction, and other ways.

The 5 websites mentioned in this article are Smokefree.gov, iCanQuit, QuitSmoking.com, quitnow, and whyquit.com.


smokefree gov- help quit smoking

The first website to help quit smoking is Smokefree.com. The website contains a lot of helpful articles on different issues related to smoking. These articles contain a lot of inspirational material that encourages people to quit. Not just it defines the benefits and negatives (which is quite common knowledge), the articles also help you with the procedure to quit smoking. It encourages you to form a plan that suits you, include your kith and kin in this initiative, much more. The website also has free apps that you can try to quit smoking, and a messaging service that sends helpful reminders to you is also available. Last but not the least, the website also has professional Councillors with whom you can have one on one conversations.

Try it out here.


iCanQuit-help quit smoking

The second website to help quit smoking is iCanQuit. This is like an online community of users where everyone can share their story and track their own progress. You can read about the experiences of other smokers and how the website has helped them. Apart from that, articles are also available that help you quit smoking. The articles help you with the procedure you can adopt and then work on it rigorously and relentlessly. The website has one tab called “My Journey”. You will have to create an account after which you can start tracking your everyday journey. The tab contains methods to help quitting, health articles, and a tracker where you can record how many cigarettes you took in a day. A very interesting and helpful tool is the savings calculator. It counts the amount of money you might have saved if you weren’t smoking.

Try it out here.


QuitSmoking-help quit smoking

QuitSmoking is another website to help quit smoking habit. This website is a large collection of inspirational articles, videos, tips, and more. You will find great videos relating to smoking issues and lots of tips on how to start quitting and cope with it. All this stuff surely pushes you towards taking the first step in a healthy direction. And if all this is not enough, the website also an online community of users you can talk to, to seek their advice and help. Experts are also available for your help and you can talk to them by sending a request.

Try it here.



Fourth website to help quit smoking is quitnow. The website has a quit center and different tools & resources to help you quit smoking. In the quit center you can begin by creating your own quit plan. A quit plan includes how you wish to go about the task of quitting, which date you want to start the process from, and more. You can also enable the text support and chat service provided by the website. The websites keeps sending you inspirational messages and you have live chat with the experts. One very interesting feature on this website is the Addiction Quiz. This quiz tests your nicotine dependency level and provides remedies to quit smoking.

Try it out here.



WhyQuit is the fifth and final website on this list to help quit smoking. The name of the website seems like a question and the answer for it is provided in the content of the website itself. Multiple articles explaining in detail the benefits of not smoking flock the home page of the website. They are divided into different categories and you can pick up the ones you like. These articles have been designed in a very intuitive manner that drive you to read carefully and think. Videos have been attached to a lot of these articles that further press the readers in the right direction.

Try it out here.

Try out all these websites and start taking positive strides towards a smoking free life.

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