Online Game To Find Grammar Mistakes and Improve Grammar: Grading Game

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Grading game is an online game where you have to correct English Grammar mistakes to win the game. Play this interesting game and check how good you are in finding mistakes against time.

In this grading game you will be given random passages to read; which contain certain English grammar mistakes. You have to spot them as fast as you can to win the game. Submit your score and find your ranking against others who have played the game.

grammar mistakes game

About This Grading game to Improve Grammar:

Can you imagine how funny it feels to spot mistakes in others’ papers. Just grab that opportunity by playing this game. This isn’t a game designed for your English teachers or Students, it’s for everybody who wants to have some fun time during their internet use and improve grammar simultaneously.

In this game, you have to pay your student loans and you grade papers to earn money and repay your loan. So, you get mails from your professors, asking you to correct grammar mistakes and give grades. The papers belong to those students who have written about the professor in Facebook. So, you have to spot as many mistakes as you can to make the professor happy. The more you make your professor happy, the more you get to repay your loan.

grammar mistakes game grading

How To Correct Grammar Mistakes:

Though you have to correct those grammar mistakes against time, you will be given considerate amount of time. Just play the game using your mouse or [WASD] keys. Whenever you spot a mistake just left click on it and proceed further. The point at which you have to click will be indicated with a cross hair section. The game is about finding spelling and grammar mistakes only. If you spot mistakes correctly you will be given more points and if you click on the part which has no mistakes then you loose points.

So, find considerable amount of mistakes then you will be paid accordingly and you will be given more papers. If you can’t spot more mistakes then you will be fired and your remaining loan is your score. If you wish to submit your score then you can or else you can try again. So, the larger the loan the ranking will be bad and if the loan amount is less then your ranking will be good.

grammar mistakes grading game

This game has a unique concept which is different from others but a bit repetitive. The game should have included more story or change in scenes; but the title itself is straightforward and that’s what happens in the game. So, try this game and find out how strong you are at English. You can also try other different concept games like: Against The wall, Boss Rush Online, and Wonderputt Online.

Click here to Play Grading Game Online.

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