Tappy Bulbs: iPhone Tapping Game To Swith Off Light Bulbs Quickly

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Tappy Bulbs is a free iPhone Tapping game, in which you have to tap on bulbs to turn them off and eventually save power. The game consists of bulbs which are either On or Off, along with live sockets. You have to Tap on bulbs that are On. The main tricky part is that they keep changing their positions randomly. So, you have to carefully tap on bulbs which are ON to turn them OFF, while avoiding live sockets. It looks simple but it is not, because Live Sockets and bulbs keep on changing their position randomly.

Tapping games have been quite popular on smartphones, with games like Flappy Birds and Piano Tiles getting lot of popularity. And now Tappy Bulbs is trying to explore the same niche. It is an interesting and addictive game. As is the case with other tapping games, the game immediately ends if you make even a single mistake (clicking on the Live Socket).

And as is the case with other games, in this also the speed increases, in form of switching between bulbs and Live sockets. At the end of the game, you are awarded with points on the basis of number of bulbs switched off by you.

Tappy Bulbs

Gameplay of Tappy Bulbs iPhone Tapping Game:

Tappy Bulbs game is developed by Texo Energy Saver. The game begins with a short storyline. In beginning, you will see that a girl goes out from her room and leaves all lights on. This makes Jake, game’s main character, very sad. Now, its your responsibility to turn off all the lights and make Jake happy again.

Tappy Bulbs Storyline

At the end of the story, you will see few bulbs, with one of them being left switched on. You need to tap on this bulb to turn it off. When you turn it off, you will get some points and more bulbs to turn off. So, basically, you have to turn Off maximum number of bulbs left switched On from collection of all bulbs.

It is not that easy as it appears.

The game has Live Sockets and changing position of bulbs, that add to the difficulty.

Live Sockets:

Among the collection of all the bulbs, you will also find some live sockets. You have to tap the bulbs without tapping sockets. If you tap on any socket, the game will be over instantly (you get only one life to play). While turning off the bulbs, you have to do it in a limited amount of time which decreases more quickly with each wrong bulb tapped.

Tappy Bulbs Gameplay

Changing Position of Bulbs and Sockets:

Position of bulbs and sockets change automatically whenever you turn off any bulb, and its completely random. By random, I mean that sometimes the bulbs and sockets change their location while sometime they don’t. So, you have to be well prepared to handle sudden changes, as it will happen that you see bulb at a position, and suddenly it gets replaced by a socket. So, instead of tapping on that bulb, you will end up tapping on that socket, and game will end.

Tappy Bulbs Score

Also, the number of ON bulbs keep on increasing with time.

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Final Verdict:

Tappy Bulbs is a good iPhone game which makes you to use your concentration and tapping skills to win the game. Although it has no levels, no power-ups but still the game is fun to play and is capable of keeping you hooked to it. If you are looking for a game to kill some time and have fun, then do try this one.

Get Tappy Bulbs here.

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