Elevate for iPhone to Improve Reading, Writing, Memory Skills

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Elevate is a free brain training iPhone app. It has a unique way of improving skills like writing, reading, memory. The apps interface looks great and takes you step by step through this process of training. Initially when you launch the app you will be asked if there is a specific skill you would like to improve. For this purpose you will be asked 3-4 questions, regarding which skills you want to improve. You will be given choices amongst reading, writing and memory. You can choose all three or one of them according to your choice.

Once you make this choice, you will be asked to sign in to the app using your Facebook account or email ID. After this you will be taken to the main page of the app like seen below:

elevate main page

In the above screenshot you see all the three skill field activated. But when you first land up on the page you will only see the writing skill activated. When you answer all the questions in this level and get a decent score then you will be able to unlock the subsequent levels that are reading and memory.

First comes the writing skill test, in this test you will be given a sentence from which you will have to remove a word or few words so that the sentence becomes shorter without changing the meaning of the sentence. But this has to be done with in a time limit. You will see the background of the question is Grey in color to start with. But as you start the test the Grey color starts receding and you have to answer the question correctly before it vanishes. Once you clear this level you will be shown your score along with performance report amongst all users of this app, like seen below:

elevate writing score and performance

Then you come to the Reading skill test, in here you will have to read fast and retain information as you will be asked question based in it later. The only difference with this comprehension reading is that you will be shown one word at a time with a speed varying from 200-280 WPM (words per minute). Then you will be asked questions based on your reading and if you answer them correctly then you can move on to the next level which is memory. This test is also time based, you get only a few seconds to answer each question. At the end of this test also you will be shown your score and performance among all other users.

The last test is Memory test, here you will be given a small explanation of a word and the first three letters of the word will be shown. From these you will have to guess the correct word and complete the word from the jumbled up words given below. There is a timer in this test also, so get only a fixed time to guess the correct word. As seen in the screenshot below, once you complete the words you will be shown your score.

elevate memory test

You can keep on going through these test over and over again, to improve your brain skills. Apart from these, when you click on the 3 lined icon on top left side of the screen you will get a menu from where you can see your performace, change settings, go to the training mode and play more brain training games (these are available in the pro version of the app).

elevate menu

Elevate can prove to be a good app to improve skills like reading, memory, etc. if used regularly by you. I specially liked the reading part, as it helps me to read faster and still retain all the relevant information. I would recommed this app to everyone who would like to improve any or all of these skills. And don’t forget that the pro version has a lot more from which you can benefit.

Get Elevate for iPhone free from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later
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