5 Battery Health Checker Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 free battery health checker software for Windows 10. Seeing how Windows 10 is an operating system that’s powering a lot of portable devices like tablets, laptops, notebooks and so on, software for keeping track of battery health is a must have. Applications from the list down below will give you not just battery health status, but also important battery info like make, model, capacity, etc. Let’s have a look at what exactly it is that’s available.

BatteryCare – free battery health checker software for Windows 10

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BatteryCare is a battery health checker software for Windows 10. It will actually act as a monitoring application which reports back a whole heap of battery info, including it’s health characteristics.

After installing and launching the application, it starts in the system tray. Double left click on the tray icon opens up the main application window. From there you can view basic battery information, like current charge level, battery run time, battery status, etc. Detailed information view goes into actual details with info like battery designed capacity, current capacity, wear level, temperatures, voltages, discharge cycles and more. By opening up settings you can setup notifications to go off when certain values drop below thresholds, tweak the “run at startup” feature and more.

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HWMonitor might not be a dedicated battery health checker software for Windows 10, but it does have a battery section in its overall system report. Using the battery section you’l be able to look up 3 important battery health indicators, voltages, capacity (designed, full charge and current) and of course the wear level.

What’s important for us here would be wear level and voltage. If these two are different from the declared values, then you might be having problems with Windows 10¬†battery. Wear level speaks for itself. The more wear there is, the worse battery health is going to be. HWMonitor tracks 3 different values while its running, minimum values, current value and maximum measured values. Just leave it running in the background and its going to report any anomalies that it finds.

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BatteryBar is a battery health checker software for Windows 10 which adds an expanded battery status viewer to the toolbar, see image above. Looking at the toolbar you’ll only be able to view the current charge level.

Left click on the toolbar opens up a more detailed report on the battery status. Last one on the list is the most interesting one, because it tells you the current wear level. Wear level is an okay indicator of the battery health, like I already mentioned. Right click gives you access to settings. Note that there is also a more advanced version of BatteryBar, with more features, but it’s paid software.

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BatteryInfoView is a portable battery health checker software for Windows 10. It’s an application from the very popular NirSoft family of applications. Notice that the design and layout is pretty much the same to all the other application from NirSoft.

Battery info is loaded into the application as soon as its launched. Everything battery related is listed. You get info on battery wear level, capacity, temperatures, etc. Make and model of the card info is also given. You might not see all this info. It depends what kind of battery information your device will pass on to BatteryInfoView. Detected battery info can be exported as HTML fully, or only parts of it, depending on what you need. Application can be minimized to the system tray, but there aren’t any notifications or anything like that to notify you in case of problems.

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If you’re really into keeping track of battery health and performance, then you’ll love BatteryMon. It’s an advanced battery health checker software for Windows 10 which comes with a real time diagram of battery use, alongside health and performance stats.

Main window will display the aforementioned diagram and some basic battery details like current power source (AC or discharging), battery run time, remaining battery time, etc. Live diagram of battery use can be seen on the right. X axis has the battery percentage and Y axis has time. When working off of the battery you’ll be able to see how exactly the battery is discharging on the diagram. Look for any sudden drops in when discharging, or anything like that. That’s definitely an indicator that something bad is going on with the battery. Standard battery health report, in terms of numbers, can also be accessed by clicking on the info icon from the toolbar up top. The usual info is given like designed capacity, current capacity, wear level, voltages, etc.

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All 5 of the battery health checker software for Windows 10 from the list above are great at what they do. I have 3 favorites this time. It’s BatteryMon, BatteryCare and BatteryInfoView. All three have pretty much everything you’ll need to checkup on your devices’ battery health. In BatteryMon I like the usage diagram, in BatteryInfoView the level of detail that it goes into and in BatteryCare the notifications. Let me know which ones you liked the most by leaving a comment down below.

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