Adopt Abandoned Pets And Support Them With SharingPet

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SharingPet is a free web service where you can adopt actual pets from shelters all over the United States and make them your virtual pets. This is done in order to increase the chances of finding homes for the pets. By registering on the website you’ll be able to pick a pet and then start sharing it on social networks. You can even download an extension for your browser with which you can shop online, part of the proceeds goes to animal shelters. By sharing pets on social networks one of your friends might find it adorable and actually decide for adoption in real life.

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This would be the first step of the virtual adoption process. Here, you have to select what kind of pet you want to adopt. Over ten thousand animal shelters and rescues are participating in the SharingPet network and you can select all types of animals, as you can see from the image above, not just dogs and cats. Helping adopted pets doesn’t stop just at sharing their story with your social contacts, you can also help them by buying products from SharingPet supported retail stores, and part of the proceeds are gonna go to animal shelters and rescue homes.

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How to Adopt Abandoned Pets and Shop to Support them with the SharingPet Extension?

Visit the main website and select the type of animal that you’d like to sponsor and adopt virtually. You can choose practically every type of pet, from the “standard” ones like dogs, cats, parrots, to other not so common pets like lizards and even farm animals. After selecting the type of animal that you want, you’d reach step two of the virtual animal adoption.

SharingPet selecting animal

This is where you actually pick the dog, cat or whichever animal it is that you’ve selected in the previous step. Additional setup of a widget that you’re gonna use is needed. With the help of this widget you can spread the word about your pet across social networks and other places online where you visit. Registration is necessary, you can use your Facebook account for a quick login. After you do that, you’ll be able to install the extension and start visiting retail shops and not just that, but also airlines where you can buy products and tickets out of which, part of the proceeds will go towards one of several thousand animal shelters and rescue homes across the country.

SharingPet buying products

You can spend money on over 200 different online shops, airline companies, hotels. Everything that you buy through SharingPet website, a certain percentage of the money that you spend will be given to animal shelters and rescue homes. Extension is available for download which should make shopping through SharingPet more easier. Click here to download the extension.


SharingPet is a great web service which lets you take care and help animals in need without having to do anything other than spend money like you normally would and hitting the share button, once that you’ve adopted your very own virtual pet. With the help of SharingPet, help can be given to those who need it the most, abandoned pets of all shapes and sizes. Over 12000 animal shelters are supported.

Click here to visit SharingPet website.

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