GoodSearch – Search Engine to Generate Money for Charities

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GoodSearch is a search engine, but one with a very clever and interesting twist. Every time you run a search using GoodSearch, it gives money to a charity of your choice. This is an excellent way for those who do not often give proactively to charities to get some money out to those who need it, supporting the good causes that they care about.

We have already covered other interesting ways to generate money for your charities, like FreeRice, and GlobalMojo.

As all of us use search engines fairly often, this is a brilliant method to give money to charities. Provided that people adopt GoodSearch as their primary search engine, this could be a system that makes a big difference to the amount of money that charities have to spend on doing their excellent work.

The search and donate bars in GoodSearch.

How GoodSearch Works

Basically, GoodSearch channels some of the money that people spend on paying to be a sponsored result into donations for charity. The user simply inputs their preferred charity into a box below the search box. Then, when they carry out the search, a small amount of money is donated to their chosen charity. GoodSearch shares 50% of the revenue that it generates from advertisers to charity of your choice.

If this user regularly searches through GoodSearch to the same cause, then this money adds up and can eventually become a significant amount of money. This means that you can make a huge difference to a charity, simply by inputting their name just before carrying out an internet search. With next to no effort from you and absolutely no cost to yourself, you could be making a very valuable donation to a cause you believe in.


This is certainly an admirable idea and will help many people to feel that they are making a difference, which they are. If people can be bothered to adopt this as their preferred search engine, over the likes of Google, then the money could add up to become very substantial indeed.

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