Donate Free Rice while Learning for Free

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I recently came across this interesting website: . They have created a very ingenious way to donate food for United Nations World Food Program. I am really impressed by their approach. I am including it here so that it gets the publicity it deserves.

Donate Free Rice shows a word, and four possible meanings of that word. You need to select correct  answer for that word. If you answer correctly, you get a bit harder question, and if you answer wrongly, you get an easier question. The questions that you answered wrongly are again presented to you after some time so that you can practice, and re-affirm your memory about that word.

Play while Feeding Hungry People

Now, you must be thinking that this sounds good to learn vocabulary for free, but what it has to do with free rice.  That is actually the amazing part. For each questtion that you answer correctly, donates 10 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program.  For that, has tied up with sponsors to show banners on their website. So, whenever you answer a correct question, sponsors pay for the rice. The website itself is totally non-profit based, and sponsors directly pay to United Nations World Food Program.

Free Rice for every Correct Answer

You must be thinking that what difference would 10 grains of rice make. Tremendous actually. Because people all over the world can play this simple game, cumulative donations are going to be enormous. I checked their stats page, and saw that they have gathered enough rice to feed thousands of people for an entire year! That is amazing.

In fact, I did a simple calculation and found that if all my readers answer just 10 questions everyday for an year, we would be able to donate enough rice to feed more than 1,000 people for a week. And all the time, actually improving our vocabulary further. Isn’t that amazing! has many other subjects as well, apart from English. You can try your hand at Chemistry, Geography, Language Learning and Maths.

Try out Help feed someone, while getting something for yourself. Also consider sharing this with your friends and social networks. More the people know about this, more can we feed hungry people.

(If you are a blogger, I encourage you to promote this website. Our small effort can help in ending world hunger)

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