GlobalMojo: Generate Money for Charity by Doing Nothing

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GlobalMojo is a free browser that helps you in generating money for your favorite charities or schools just by doing what you are doing right now – surfing the web. When you use GlobalMojo as your browser, and surf the web using that, GlobalMojo makes money from Internet companies, and donates 50% of that money to charities and schools that you have selected. You don’t need to make any change in the way you surf the web, just keep doing that using GlobalMojo, instead of other browsers.

Earlier I had reviewed an interesting website called FreeRice that lets you donate rice to UNICEF by simply improving your knowledge (I regularly use this website, and it feels really good). GlobalMojo is another innovative application that lets you generate money for charitable causes without spending any money or additional time yourself.

GlobalMojo has a very interesting concept. GlobalMojo has partnered with many internet companies. When you use services of those companies or click on ads of those companies, GlobalMojo makes some money. However, unlike other companies, GlobalMojo actually donates 50% of that money to charitable causes or schools that you would have selected while installing GlobalMojo.

GlobalMojo browser itself is made on Mozilla’s open source technology. So, it is a pretty good browser.

Using GlobalMojo, you can see anytime how much money have you been able to generate for your selected causes.

GlobalMojo also comes as a Firefox plugin. So, if you are already using Firefox, then you can install that plugin, and generate money for your charity by surfing in Firefox as you normally do.

I really like the innovative concept of GlobalMojo. In this nice setup, GlobalMojo makes money for itself, as well as benefits the charities. I actually like the fact that GlobalMojo keeps 50% revenue for itself. This would ensure that they keep working hard and find new ideas towards making more revenue for themselves, which in turn would make more money for charities.

Good Job GlobalMojo team. Hats off to you!

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