Your Complete Toolkit of Software and Apps to Prank Your Friends on April Fool’s Day

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So, the day is here when you can play all sort of pranks on your friends, and they’ll probably not mind it. I will let you figure out the physical pranks that you want to play; what I can help you with are then pranks that you can plan with software. If you can access their PC or smartphones, then there are a whole lot of things that you can do to drive them crazy, without doing any real damage to them or their devices.

Let’s start with some PC software to play pranks.

Various PC software to play pranks on Friends:

I checked on our website and it seems we have already covered many software to play pranks on friends. So, I will just do a recap of them here.

I will start with a software that is aptly called Prankster “Professional”. This software actually has 10 different pranks that you can play on PC of your friend.

Prankster Pro- Pranks

Some of the pranks include fake shutdown timer, ghost keyboard typing, crazy mouse, uncloseable CD tray, fake error messages, and more. So, this one software probably has everything you might need to play pranks on your friends :)

Moving on, another of my favorite pranking software is Dr. Windows. This one has a list of fake error messages that can be displayed at your specified interval.

Dr.Windows-types of funny error messages

The best part is that error messages can be chained, so based on a particular response to an error message, a different error message can be generated. And you can add your own error messages as well. The ones that come with this software are pretty funny.

If you want even more, then we have more :). Here is a list of 5 pranking software. This list includes some interesting software, like, software to show computer screen as broken, software to change your voice while talking to friends, software to add effects to webcam, and even software to tweak keyboard ;)

All this software should be more than enough to drive your friends crazy, but make sure to use them responsibly.

Now, let’s move on to apps for smartphones.

iPhone Apps to Play Pranks on Friends:


If your friend has a iPhone, and trusts you enough to give the phone to you for sometime, then we have a nice collection of apps that you can install on that phone. You can check the complete list of iPhone apps to play pranks here. These apps include app to play fart sound, app to make it look as if screen of iphone got broke while playing a game, and even a horror sound app that plays sound after initial display.

Android Prank Apps:

Now, let’s move on to Android apps. In Android, we have covered a set of apps that let you make Android screen appear cracked.

Shake Cracked


These apps let you create different types of crack on Android screen.

Another interesting app we covered is Scare your friends Ultimate. It has scary photos and very scary sounds for instant scare. Apart from this, you can also try this eye tracking prank app.

Here is another classic prank you should try on Android: Take a screenshot of home screen of your Friend’s Android phone. Then remove all the icons from home screen. Now, the screenshot that you took, set that as the wallpaper of home screen. Now, your friend will go crazy trying to click on the icons on wallpaper, which won’t respond to him. Would be fun :)

So, these are some interesting software and apps to have fun with your friends on April fool’s day. I hope you enjoy them :)

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