5 Funny Android Apps to Make Screen Appear Cracked and Play Pranks

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Here are 5 funny Android Apps which creates a broken mobile phone screen. You can play pranks on your friends by making them think that they have cracked the screen of your Android mobile.

These are free applications, that creates an illusion of a cracked display when someone touches it, so that the screen of your Android Phone looks as if it is broken. Download one of these apps and have fun.

Shake Cracked:

Shake Cracked

Shake Cracked is the best funny Android app to make your friends fool and laugh. A very realistic crack appears when someone shakes the phone. The effect is really cool. You could also choose to have sound and vibration. You can also choose a crack type from the settings. There are about four to five types of cracks that you can choose. You can make any one of them your background image and simply change the effect by shaking your mobile. This funny Android app gives a very realistic effect of screen cracks and make your friends think that your Android phone screen is actually broken. Once you download this app, choose the background image. Then you can use your mobile phone as normal. It doesn’t make my phone slow or hinder in phone activities. Also no advertisements pop-up. It also comes with a free live wallpaper that was really cool. I loved it.

Screen Ripper:


Screen Ripper is one of the funny Android apps that you can use to play pranks with your friends. When you touch the icon of the phone, a message saying ‘touch the screen, please’ appears for just a second. Now hand over your Android phone to one of your friends and ask them to do a task for you on your mobile. Watch the expressions on their faces change as they touch the screen of your Android phone. The app has 5 different modes that show different types of bullets or scratches across the screen every time some one touches it. It has gun mode to shoot bullets on the screen, a knife mode that scratches the screen, a hammer mode that cracks the screen and a very interesting rocket mode which crashes on the screen. I loved this app and especially because of access to different weapons, I almost felt like playing a nice game.

Crack my phone:

Crack My Phone

Crack My Phone is a funny Android App that creates virtual cracks on the screen of your mobile phone and also makes a cracking sound every time someone touches the screen. You can use this App for fun purposes. When you open Crack My Phone app on your Android phone, you can see a crack on the screen. Every time you touch the screen after opening the app a new crack will appear with a glass cracking sound. It is not possible to use your phone while the app is open. If you need to use any feature of the phone you have to exit the cracking mode by pressing back on your Android phone. If you like the cracked screen view, you can take a screenshot on your Android phone and use the cracked picture as your background. You will be surprised at how people will really think that your screen is broken. It gives you an opportunity to download other apps through pop-ups that keep showing. Crack My Phone app was fun and simple to use. Everyone will find it very amusing.

Shoot my phone:


Shoot My Phone is another amusing Android app to have some fun in your free time. Using this free Android app you can shoot bullet holes on the screen of your Android phone. It is a fun and relaxing game. You can also play prank on your friends by asking them to touch your Android phone screen. To start using the app just click on Shoot my phone icon and touch on the screen. Four different bullet holes appear randomly. Fill your screen with bullet holes till all the negative energy is out of you. This funny Android app is fun to use alone as well as with friends. I really loved it until accidently I clicked on a download link that keeps popping up in-between. You can not use your phone until you exit the Shoot My Phone. Simply press the back button and then press Exit on the advertisement screen that appears on your screen, to close the application. Try the Android app and have unlimited fun.

Better Cracked:

Better Cracked

Better Cracked is a simple to use Android app that you can use to play pranks. Cracks are triggered by touch and by delay. It also has an option to trigger a crack by unlocking the screen and waiting a few seconds. In this way you can play tricks on your friends. Nine types of cracks, scratches, and crystal leaks are available. It also has options to use sound and/or vibration. To make it more realistic, delay option is also available. Adding properties to play a prank is easy. Add a timer, press Run Prank button and just handover your phone to one of your friends and wait for the set time for cracks to appear on the screen of your Android phone. Closing the program is easy but tricky. You have to shake the phone strongly to stop the cracking. The app will also close by turning the screen of your Android phone off and on 3 times. This is to make sure that your prank doesn’t fail.

Better Cracked Screen


You can download these funny Android apps and make your friends wonder about that crack on the screen of your phone. Blame them for breaking your phone’s display and show your broken Android phone screens to your friends to have fun! Other fun Android apps to play pranks are: Scare your Friends Ultimate, Worthless text editor, Spirit Scanner

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