Prank your Friends with Worthless Text Editor

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As the name that this application has suggests, Worthless text editor is pretty much a worthless text editor that doesn’t work at all. Everything that we tried to do in this text editor just caused it to throw out errors, or the thing that we were doing wasn’t working the way that it should. What use could application like this possibly have you must be wondering, well there’s actually one interesting way that you can use Worthless text editor, to prank your friends.

Worthless text editor default window

From the screenshot above you could never tell what kind of monster hides behind this innocent looking text editor. The looks of this text editor are not that much important, what’s more important is the kind of goofs and pranks that it will pull on you or anyone else that uses this text editor. You can surprise friends and family members by telling them you’ve discovered this cool new text editor and that they should try it out, and once that they do, it’s time for the fun to start :).

Prankster text editor, have fun with your friends nerves

Before you can understand how you can prank someone with this software, let’s see what kind of shenanigans can Worthless text editor do exactly. The first thing that you will notice when you try to write something is that what you type isn’t exactly what you will get inside the text editor:

Worthless text editor text wrong

That jumbled text which you see above is actually, only you could never tell that because Worthless text editor has keyboard keys all mixed up, and you will never get the right letter, no matter which key you press. Letter ‘i’ is actually j once that it’s typed inside the program, the same is true for all the other.

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Program options are another thing that you will not have much luck with. For example if you want to use the Find Tool that this text editor has, you’re going to find that it’s not very cooperative, it very rude in fact:

Worthless text editor find tool

Something similar happens every time that you want to save a file, a notification window pops up and tells you that there is something wrong with the file, and that you will have to try again later.

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Pranking someone with fake software

Those of you who are not very imaginative, here are a few ways that you can prank someone with Worthless text editor. You tell a friend that you’ve found an amazing new text editor and that they have to try it out. After they start typing and realize that text is coming out all jumbled, you tell them that program works just fine for you. The ones that are being pranked wouldn’t know what to think, but one thing is for sure, they are going to panic. Just make sure that you stop them before they buy a new keyboard thinking that their old one is dead.

Use you imagination and see how you can use this worthless piece of software to have some laughs, because it sure isn’t good for anything else :).

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