Spirit Scanner App for Windows 8 To Receive Spirit Communications

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Halloween is just round the corner, and we all have to get ready for it, right? I recently told you about Pumpkin Carving App, and here I am, talking about another fun app for Halloween that works like a radar for spirits and ghosts who are close to you, and this also receives communications from the spirits in the form of words, which are then displayed towards the right side of the screen. The app’s name is Spirit Scanner, and it’s available for free from the Windows 8 App Store. Before you get scared, let me assure you that this is just a fun app to play pranks on your friends, and there are actually no spirits close to you who are trying to communicate with you…or wait, is the app real? Well, we’ll never know for sure as we can’t see spirits, right? The only spirit that I can see is the kind that I drink, and yeah, once you drink a spirit (alcohol, duh!), you may see spirits!! :P

Anyways, Spirit Scanner is absolutely fun to have on your device, and is good to spook your friends, especially with Halloween coming up. All you have to do is to run the app, and it will start scanning for spirits nearby through the inbuilt radar, and will display spots on the radar if spirits are detected, and it will also show you certain communications in the form of words that the spirits around are trying to tell you, and these words will appear on the right side of the screen. You can also share these communication by opening the Share charms bar by pressing the Win+H shortcut at any time while inside the app.

Spirit Scanner is available for free.

spirit scanner

Using the Spirit Scanner app for Windows 8:

Once Spirit Scanner is installed on your system, simply run it by clicking on its icon, and it will start searching for spirits of the dead who are near you! Scary, right?

spirit scanner

In the above screenshot, you can see that Spirit Scanner is running, and it has already found a spirit close to me, and this spirit is shown as a white dot in the radar. If you look at the right side of the screen, you will see certain words that the spirit is trying to communicate to me – WOMAN, JASON, HUM, MARK…well I don’t know what either of messages mean, but they must have meant something to the spirit I guess!

I think I should be scared now!!

Anyways, let me go ahead and tell all my friends about these communication messages that I’m receiving from this spirit. But how do I do that? It’s simple, open up the Share Charms bar by pressing the Win+H key, and select the appropriate option through which you would like to share these communications to your friends, like Mail, Facebook etc. You do have the Share All App installed, don’t you?


And that’s how you share your communications of the paranormal kind! And this concludes using this app. We do hope that you will have fun using this app and spooking your friends for Halloween!

Note: If you haven’t realised it yet, the app is just a prank app and there is no need for you to get scared if the radar picks up spirits. Your house isn’t haunted, and you don’t need to call Ghostbusters from the Discovery Channel :)

You can also check out the Pumpkin Carving Ideas app for Windows 8 to help you carve out your perfect Jack o’ Lanterns for Halloween!

The verdict

Spirit Scanner is a good app to have on your Windows 8 device to spook and creep out your friends for Halloween, and you should definitely check it out. The app scores bonus points from my side for its extremely professional looking interface that may fool even the most skeptical of your friends.

Get Spirit Scanner for Windows 8.

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