4 Free iPhone Prank Apps To Play Pranks On Your Friends

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In this article, I am going to tell you about 4 free iPhone apps to play pranks on your friends.

Actually, I was thinking of writing this article for quite a long time but then I got the thought that April Fools Day is also around the corner. There is only a few days left and I guess you should be well prepared for it.

All these apps will help you in playing the perfect prank so that they will be shocked and you will be laughing all the way.

1. Prank Trimmer:

Prank Trimmer

The first app in the list of prank apps is Prank Trimmer. It is a very simple to use prank app. As you can see in the screen shot above, there are a few controls on the machine. The control on the extreme left is for turning the app on/off, the second control lets you control the volume of the trimming machine. To play the prank, you just need to keep the iPhone’s speaker near the ear of your friend and turn on the app. The app will start producing the sound similar to that of a trimming machine and your friends will become scared thinking that you are trimming their hair. You can also make the prank look more real by controlling the volume.

Get the Prank Trimmer here.

2. Bee Swatter Prank Game:

Bee Swatter App Prank App

The Bee Swatter Prank Game is the next prank app in the line. The concept of this app is very simple. When you or anyone will launch this app, he will think of it as a real game with no possibility of any prank. The app starts as a game in which you have to swat the bees from the screen by hitting and swiping on the screen. The level of the game keeps changing as you clear them. After sometime in the 3rd level, you will see Queen Bee. You need to tap and swipe hard to kill her. As you will tap hard to kill her, the screen will get broken with a loud sound. When the screen is broken, no other touch, swipe will work. All your friends will think that they have broken your iPhone’s screen. While they will be frightened, you will be enjoying.

Get the Bee Swatter Prank Game from here.

3. Atomic Fart:

Atomic Fart

The Atomic Fart is an unique prank app for iPhone. This app consists of 30 different fart sounds which can be played to fool anyone. The app provides you with various other features using which you can control the fart sound, time interval etc. You can really make anyone surprised by playing the sounds when they are moving around or sitting down. They will surely be shocked to hear the fart sound every time they move.

Get the Atomic Fart prank app from here.

4. Prank*:


The last prank app in the this article is Prank*. This app includes various sounds which you can play to make fool of others like High frequency, tri-tone and white noise. The app also lets you to use horror sounds, fly buzzing sound, and your personal recorded sounds which can be purchased for just $0.99.  While playing the sounds, you can set the Initial delay, play length, and pause length. The app provides you with a saved webpage which you can use to make others believe that you are not producing these sounds. They will think that you are surfing the net and eventually they will be fooled as they look for the source of the sound.

Get the Prank* prank app from here.

Here, I conclude my list of 4 free prank apps for iPhone. Check out all these apps and share your experiences with the app in the comments section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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