Free Pranking Software To Generate Fake Errors, Display Panic Screens

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Prankster Professional is a free pranking software that offers you 10 pranks within one setup, so that you can play pranks on your friends and have fun. This pranking software has the ability to generate fake errors, display panic screens, send random keystrokes, and can do a lot more, just to create panic.

Previously we’ve reviewed some freeware that offer you some of these pranks as individual software. The best part of this prank playing software is that, it offers you variety of pranks in just one set-up. Therefore, you don’t have to install multiple software to play pranks on your friends.

Prankster Pro- Pranks

This pranking software can be grabbed from the link provided at the end of this article. Soon after installation, it sits in your system tray. You can choose pranks by accessing “Pranks” option.  Some of the pranks let you set start and / or end time of the prank (depends on prank you selected). As soon as the the prank begins, this prank playing software minimizes to your system tray. Once the prank completes, it displays a message:

Prankster Pro- message

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Types Of Pranks Offered By This Free Pranking Software:

1. ErrorBox Editor:

Prankster Pro- ErrorBox Editorr

The first prank offered by this freeware is that, it lets you generate fake error message boxes. You can add up to three buttons on your message box, to make it look like a real error. You can customize error image and shortcut icon as well and adjust the visibility of the buttons.

2. Shutdown Timer Editor:

Prankster Pro- shutdown timer

The second prank lets you generate shutdown timer. You can use this prank to shutdown the PC after the pre-defined time interval. You can custom set the message and shortcut icon as well. Do note that it will actually shut down the PC :)

3. Display a Panic Screen:

Prankster Pro- panic screen

This prank lets you display a panic screen. It offers you fours types of panic screens: The Blue Screen Of Death(NT), The Blue Screen Of Death(XP), The Frozen Screen, and The Frozen Mouse, among which you can use any display to create panic. The Frozen Screen provides you two options: Show the Cursor and Hide the Cursor. Show the Cursor option allow the panic victim to see the frozen mouse, while Hide the Cursor option displays no mouse on the screen.

4. Spam Blaster:

Prankster Pro- Spam Blaster

The fourth prank is termed as Spam Blaster, which you can use to Spam a Cell phone. This did not work for me.

5. Spam an Email Account:

Prankster Pro- Spam an Email Account

The fifth prank lets you send spam emails as many times as you want. The best part of this prank is that you can add multiple email addresses and target your victims by sending spam emails. Type the subject and the message that you wish to spam. I thoroughly enjoyed this prank and had fun while troubling colleagues by sending spams. Of course, the email provider of your victim would soon start labeling these messages as spam, so don’t overdo it :)

6. Keyboard Freakout:

Prankster Pro- Keyboard Freakout

The sixth on the prank countdown comes the Keyboard Freakout. You can use this prank to send random keystrokes. All you have to do is simply enter the interval in milliseconds at which you which to send the keystrokes, and set a mercy time interval. Sit back and enjoy until the mercy duration gets over.

7. Keyboard Disco:

Prankster Pro- keyboard Disco

The seventh prank turns your keyboard look like a Disco Dance. It constantly turns on and off keys, like: NumLock, CapsLock, and ScreenLock, so that lights on the keyboard dance in Disco style. Here also, you can assign a mercy time interval to see how irritated victim feels. Of course, if the keyboard does not have indicator lights and instead uses Caps Lock Num Lock indicator software, this is of no use.

8. The Ghost Typist:

Prankster Pro- The Ghost Typist or The Phantom Typist

The name of the eighth prank sounds scary as it is named as The Ghost Typist or The Phantom Typist. You can type in any custom message in the given area. The notepad will open up after specified time and custom message will be typed automatically without anyone touching the keyboard. It’s ultimate fun… Trust me.

9. Crazy Mouse:

Prankster Pro- Crazy Mouse

The ninth one is the Crazy Mouse. This prank can be used to jump the cursor randomly on various parts of the screen at the specified time interval. You can set the duration for how long you wish to trouble the user.

10. Unclosable CD tray:

Prankster Pro- Unclosable CD Tray

The last one that comes in the list is Unclosable CD tray. This prank lets you constantly open and close user’s CD tray, on specific time intervals. All you have to do is simply set the time interval in seconds, to open the CD tray after specified duration. You can custom set the mercy time and spare the victim after specified interval.

Additional Goodies:

Apart from pranks, this prank playing utility offers you variety of additional Vintage Goodies, like screensavers, Windows NT, and Microsoft Games.

Prankster Pro- Vintage Goodies

It offers you variety of screensavers, like: Windows 2000, Windows 95 “Flying Windows”, Windows 98 Maze, etc. Windows NT option lets you access Wordpad, Microsoft Paint, Sound Recorder, Desktop Themes, and Windows Movie Maker, all in one-click. It offers you three games, namely: Space Pinball, Spider Solitaire, and Minesweep, under Microsoft Games.

My Verdict About Prankster Professional:

Prankster Professional is one the best pranking software I’ve come across so far. The variety of pranks lets you have total fun time. Destroy the peace and feel mischievous while trying this free prank playing software on your friends and relatives.

Get Prankster Professional from here.

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