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Dead Fake is a free website that lets you send fake mails to anyone by using any fake email address.

Wanted to prank you friend for that fake insect he put in your bag ? Or maybe for a Whoopee cushion he used against you ? Here’s your chance, send a fake mail, from anyone, for anything and best of all its free and available online at

A word of warning though, if you choose to continue reading this. Please refrain from using this website to send spam. Everyone hates spammers. Also, please keep the prank enjoyable and not serious.

For those of you who doubt, IT LOOKS REAL, alright! As a method to prevent some serious practical jokers, Rayk Design , the owner of this website has added a footer at the base to notify the reader that it is a fake.


How to Send Mail from Fake Email Address

You as an end user have two alternatives.

Method 1 (Easy and web based):

  1. Go to Dead Fake website.
  2. Type in the ‘TO’, ‘FROM’ and the body of the email as you would in a normal email.
  3. The TO part is the receiver of the mail and FROM part is the apparent sender.
  4. Type in the security code to prevent spamming.
  5. And click ‘Send Now’. Your fake mail has been delivered.


Method 2 (Command line based and advanced):

If you are using:

  • Windows: Run cmd.
  • Mac : Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  • Linux: Run a shell.
  1. Type:    nslookup -q=MX
  2. Now pick up the lowest preference numbered mail exchanger. eg:        MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =
  3. Now you have to use telnet.  Type:  telnet 25
  4. (Vista and Win7 users go to Telnet on Win7 and Vista )
  5. Now type eg: HELO    (This sets the server to
  6. Now type eg: MAIL FROM: [email protected]  (This sets the sender as [email protected])
  7. Now type eg: RCPT TO: [email protected]  (This sends the mail to dummy)
  8. Now type DATA.
  9. Type in the message.
  10. eg: Hello dummy@deadfake, I managed to send a fake mail all by myself! .
  11. Don’t forget to put the last full stop.
  12. Now Press ENTER and type QUIT and press ENTER again.
  13. After all this, this method may still not seem real or not work.
  14. Please follow the above method anyway.

For a detailed list of instructions visit: Guide to Sending



This service as I have said before must not be used for spamming.

Also no mail on the internet is completely anonymous. This mail too can be traced back to you if necessary.

Read the FAQ before sending your first mail.


This is a pretty cool website and what it does is simply mind blowing as it just goes to prove the security risks on the internet. This tool may still be used for phishing and cookie hijacking on individual targets. So, be responsible netizens.

I tried sending mails to a Gmail account from [email protected] but it keeps ending up in the spam folder.

Other than that this tool is simply awesome and can be used for some really wicked pranks.

Best wishes to fellow pranksters !

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