Free FPS Game to Play on Old Computers: Assault Cube

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Assault Cube is a First Person Shooter available for free. It is a classic FPS that includes game modes such as Capture-The-Flag, Team-Deathmatch and Classic Deathmatch. It has both an online Multiplayer as well as offline bot matches that can be very entertaining.

If you have an old P4 PC that has lived its life and want to use it to play games, I recommend assault cube. It runs on Windows, Mac or even Linux. The installation file is hardly 50MB in size. And trust me, it will utilize any graphics adapter you have to the fullest with its intensive graphics settings.

How to Install Assault Cube:

Step 1 : Open the link at end of the article.

Step 2 : Click on your OS from the list on the right hand side.


Step 3 : Wait for the file to download.

Step 4 : Launch the installation and install to your preferred directory.

Step 5 : Launch Assault Cube.

How to Play Assault Cube:

Once launched, Assault Cube will also give you a tutorial on How to play the game.

You can also view Assault Cube’s own tutorials at – Assault Cube Docs

OR You can also see our very own trainer to FPS Games – FPS Trainer

For people who have never or rarely played a FPS before, Assault Cube involves multiple game modes like team-deathmatch, in which you strive to eradicate the opposing team and capture the flag, in which the team that captures the most amount of flags in the given amount of time and returns them to their flag wins.  An introduction to the game modes, weapons, etc can be found here: Assault Cube Introduction.

Keep in mind that the online multiplayer hosts a number of other unique game modes made by other players. This includes one-shot-one-kill maps and some bizarre motley of modes that people rarely play. (I never said that they are not fun ;) !! Play now to discover them and master them.)

Once this is done, press ESC key at any time to view the menu in Assault Cube to select from various Single player modes or online Multiplayer.


To play online, Go to Multiplayer > Join a Server > “Select any server”.

Tips and Tricks for Assault Cube:

  1. Use a weapon suited to your style of playing. (Key B)
  2. Practice Offline before going to play Online.
  3. Try jumping and crouching repeatedly while moving to avoid getting fragged.
  4. Go for Chest shots initially, as they are more promising than Head shots.
  5. Friendly fire is always on. Be careful where you point.
  6. Take cover.



Assault Cube is an awesome game to play on old machines not used anymore. Even modern computer users can play, but other more graphically pleasing games are available. If you decide to play, beware it can consume hours of your time without you knowing. Overall, Assault Cube is a small but entertaining game that goes to whole new level online.

Get Assault Cube Home.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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