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Cargo Bridge is a free game in which you build bridges. This game is installed as a free Chrome app

This seriously addictive game will not let go till you have successfully finished a level. Trust me its addictive. Consider this your first and last warning.

Seriously though, Cargo Bridge has awesome physics for a small browser based Flash game. The objective of the game, if you haven’t guessed by now is to build a bridge. But, not just any bridge. Your bridge must be capable to withstand not only the fully filled crates, that this crazy guy takes over the bridge, but also Elephants with tonnage.

How To Install Cargo Bridge:

  1. You will need Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Go to the following link using Chrome: Cargo Bridge
  3. You will need a Google account at this point.
  4. Click on SIGN IN TO ADD button.
  5. Go to a new tab to launch Cargo Bridge !


How To Play Cargo Bridge Game In Chrome:

Start a new game and select the first level.

Cargo bridge has essentially two types of items. One is used as a support connector and the guy cannot walk on these and the other is a walk connector on which he can walk on.

Click on the ‘design your bridge’ icon on the top left of the screen to start building.

Click on the type of connector you want to use and then click on the first point and then drag to the second end point of where you want to place it.

Keep in mind that the length of each connector is limited and that the total cost of the bridge cannot exceed the limit given.

You can also click on ‘help me’ on the top left of the design page to see how to build a bridge.

If you want to delete a particular connector or the whole project select the appropriate button from the top left of the design screen.

As your level progresses, you will be awarded more types of connectors like steel etc.

After you have finished building your bridge, click on ‘test your bridge’ to continue.

The objective is to make a bridge strong enough to let the guy take all of his stuff to the other side.


 Tips And Tricks:

  • Notice that a bridge, that is structurally incorrect to your eye, always falls.
  • Look at bridges around you, maybe that gives you a new idea!
  • Try this Wikipedia page on bridges. Truss Bridges
  • The most awesome method, TRIAL AND ERROR!


Cargo Bridge is an awesome game for hours of mindless fun. My only complaint is that it lacks good graphics. I still remember the sound the guy makes when we betray him and make him fall off :)


In short, Cargo Bridge is a game the whole family will love.


I like this game so much that my next review is about Cargo Bridge 2. If you like it too, leave a comment below and let me know.

P.S.: I love the blueprint theme of the design page:image

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 4]
Works With: Google Chrome
Free/Paid: Free

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