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chrome browsing history integrated with timeline of windows 10
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This tutorial covers how to integrate browsing history with Windows 10 timeline. For this, you need to install a free extension “Windows Timeline Support” available for Google Chrome and Firefox. When this extension is installed and configured, your opened tabs are saved and visible in timeline of Windows 10.

sort chrome tabs by domain
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This tutorial explains how to sort Chrome tabs by domain. All the opened tabs are sorted domain wise in alphabetical order. Thus, tabs related a particular website will remain together and it will be easy to find a tab from the bunch of tabs.

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Quickey is a free Chrome extension which helps a user to launch websites in Chrome with keyboard shortcuts. The extension brings a keyboard layout which is visible on new tab of Chrome. Using that keyboard, you can add websites to particular keys and launch them using keys or shortcuts.

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This tutorial will show you a simple method to hide Twitter feeds from Timeline on Chrome. You can now easily get rid of the newsfeed on Twitter such that you can focus more on important work like text conversation, profile check, etc.

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