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Window Focus Logger GUI
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Window Focus Logger GUI is a free software to create a log when a window gets focus in Windows. You can set custom time for log creation and then log process name, window was off screen or on screen, keyboard focus or not, date and time when window gets focus, user interface of window was visible or not, etc.

encrypt pdf to open in a specified pc only
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Here is a free software that lets you encrypt PDF in such a way that it can only be opened in a specified PC. You need to generate an open key on another PC using this software and then encrypt PDF on your PC using that key and this software. The encrypted PDF is decrypted when the receiver PC is verified.

open source pdf printer software
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Here are 2 open source PDF printer software for Windows. These software install as a virtual printer on your PC and helps to convert a text, image, Doc, or other files as PDF documents. Instead of generating a hard copy of a file, you get the output as PDF file using these virtual and open source PDF printer software.

open source screen recorder software
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Here are 7 open source screen recorder software for Windows. You can record full desktop screen, a particular area, an opened window, etc., and save the screen recording as MP4, AVI, WebM, etc. Some of these open source screen recording software also let you record screen as animated GIF.

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This tutorial will show you a simple method to hide Twitter feeds from Timeline on Chrome. You can now easily get rid of the newsfeed on Twitter such that you can focus more on important work like text conversation, profile check, etc.

open source screen capture software
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Here are 6 free open source screen capture software for Windows. You can capture a specific region, whole screen, active window, etc. Some of these open source screenshot capture software also let you upload screenshot to Dropbox, Imgur, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

automatically turn off caps lock
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This tutorial explains how to automatically turn off Caps Lock after specified time. You can set the time interval in seconds and then the Caps Lock will turn off automatically when the specified time is reached. This is possible using a free software, known as “Caps Unlocker”.