Poe: ChatGPT Like AI Chatbot by Quora to Ask Questions and Get Answers

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Quora, the infamous question and answer website, has now thrown its hat into the generative AI ring with Poe. Just like ChatGPT, Poe is an AI chatbot designed to answer a user’s questions in real-time. It pretty much works as Quora itself where users post answers to questions. Now, this AI chatbot will do the same thing but instantly.

Quora has trained Poe on very large amount of QA data, including QAs from their own platform and intertwined with GPT. They are also using OpenAI GPT model for enhancing results, but it just doesn’t stop there. They are doing something different with their chatbot.

Instead of being a single AI chatbot, there are multiple other AI bots in Poe app. Those chatbots have different personalities and they are trained for a specific purpose. For now, there are like 3 AI chatbots including ChatGPT which are available in Poe. One bot can answer general knowledge questions, others can do different things such as generating summary, explanation, etc.

Poe is not a random name decide by Quora. It is actually acronym for “Platform for Open Exploration”, and it does that job quite well. You can ask questions about anything, and it will try to show the answer almost immediately. You can ask general knowledge questions and questions related to other subjects as well such as coding, geography, physics, chemistry, and more.

Use Poe by Quora to Ask Questions and Get Answers via AI:

For some reason, they have only released an iOS app for Poe where you can try it right now. The Android app is planned but it will take some days for it to arrive.

Install the Poe app from the Apple app store and then sign up. Enter your email and phone number and then it will sign you in. The phone number if mandatory and after accessing the app, you can invite 30 more people to try Poe.

Install Poe App

The main chat screen will now appear. Here you can ask anything. You can start by asking generic questions. Poe will provide an answer within seconds, drawing on its extensive knowledge base to generate a response that which is as accurate to very much extent and helpful as possible.

Poe Generic Questions

You can also ask academic questions, such as from history. And it will respond quickly. This is a good feature especially for high schoolers and college students. They can use it to get a short precise answer which may benefit them in their exam paper preparations.

Poe Academic Questions

Similarly, you can also ask about the technical and coding related questions. You can ask it to generate code in any programming language. Just ask it your problem and it will try to generate the best possible solution.

Poe Coding Questions

For now, these are the only bots available in the Poe app.

Poe Bots

But in the following days there are more AI bots/agents coming soon in Poe, such as bots for songs, music, poetry, games, etc. You can also suggest new bots or features on Poe’s feedback page. All you have to do is draft an email and send it to the developers.

Closing thoughts:

Poe is an amazing addition to list of recently launched AI chatbots after ChatGPT, and Bing. What I liked most about it is that its response time is much faster and it’s quite handy too as you can use it right on your phone. The only little downside is that it is not available to large audience to try as there is no web or Android app. But I am pretty confident this will change in the coming days. They have not announced the Android app for Poe. But I am hoping that there will be a web app to try it as well, maybe on Quora itself.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 53 Average: 1.1]
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