Imagine by Meta: Generate Images using AI in your Browser for Free

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Recently, Imagine was seen in the Meta AI chatbot in WhatsApp. But now it comes as a standalone web app that you can try in your browser.

In this post, I will be explaining all about it and how to use it, and my personal opinion. Let’s begin.



So, what exactly is Imagine with Meta?

Meta has officially joined the fascinating world of AI image generation with Imagine! It is Meta’s effort in the large and growing ecosystem of AI image generators such as Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Bing AI Image Creator, and more. The web app has been launched for the US users and they can try it out via Meta account to generate and download high quality images.

Just like other text to image converter tools out there, it generates a high-quality PNG image in 1280×1280 resolutions. You can set that image as a desktop wallpaper or use anywhere you like. Underneath it is using a very powerful AI model that might rise up to the level of the top AI image generators as of now such as Dall-E 3 and Firely.

How it works?

Imagine works just like any other AI image generator out there, that is via text prompts. With Meta’s remarkable Emu image generation model at its heart, this new cutting-edge technology brings your ideas to reality. And here’s the best part: for now, it’s absolutely free for users in the US!

Imagine with Meta generates four stunning images per prompt at a time. It works directly in the browser but requires a Meta account. If you are a Facebook or Instagram user, then you can sign up easily and then start using it right away. After generating a set of 4 images, you can download each one of them.

When you download an image then you will see that it adds a watermark in the image. I don’t why it is there but think with this, you will not be able to generate branded content only for yourself.

Generating images using Imagine by Meta:

At this point, you know what Imagine with Meta is and how exactly it works. It is now time to see it in action. If you are in US and have a Meta account, then you can follow these simple steps to see how to use it.

  1. Go to Imagine with Meta website. It looks like this and simply log in via your Meta account.
    Meta Imagine Main UI
  2. Now, in the box, enter a text prompt. Basically, define what image you would like it to generate. Describe your image in natural language with as many details as you can.
    Enter Text Prompt Meta Imagine
  3. Now, click Generate and wait. After a few seconds, it will show you 4 images.
    Meta AI Imagine in Action
  4. Use the 3 dots icon at the top right side of the image to download an image.
    Imagine Meta Download Image
  5. Done.

In this way, you can use Imagine with Meta web app to generate images using AI. Just enter a text prompt and then you are done. This is same as using Dall-E 3 and Adobe Firefly. You can use it any number of times as there doesn’t seem to be any daily or monthly limits on image generation.

Some Caveats:

For now, these are some of the drawbacks that I found in this new tool by Meta.

  • Only available to US users. So, others in Asia and Eastern regions can’t try it.
  • Adds a watermark in the finally downloaded images.
  • If your Facebook and Instagram account doesn’t have an email address attached to it, then it will not work.


If you are looking for an accurate AI text to image generator then you now have one good free tool in the list by Meta itself. It indeed does a great job. It is fast and very simple to use. But limited availability can be a turn off to some users. Personally, I liked it and then output images are pretty good as they are in good HD resolution.

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