Author: Shobhit Kumar

How to See, Reply to Android Notifications from PC
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This article talks about a free service that allows you to see and reply to your Android notifications from your PC. It’s an end to end encrypted service that syncs all your Android notifications to your PC and keep them sorted.

5 Photo Location Finder Websites Free
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This article covers 5 photo location finder websites. With these free websites, you can find the location where a photo was taken and plot it on the map. Some of these websites also let you remove/change the location data of your photo.

5 Best Online Corkboard Websites Free
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This article talks about 5 best online corkboard websites where you can get a free digital corkboard. You to add notes, media, and other attachments to your board and other collaborators. These online corkboards can be really useful for group projects.

How To Turn Off Facebook Story Archive
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This article takes you through a simple tutorial to turn off Facebook Story Archive. By following a few simple steps mentioned in this tutorial, you can easily disable the automatic backup of your Facebook Stories.

5 Free Websites To Watch Programming Video Lectures
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This article covers 5 free websites to watch programming video lectures. On these websites, you can find video lectures for all popular programming languages. With these websites, you can learn new programming languages without leaving the comfort of your home.

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