How to Transform Any GIF with Text Prompts using AI

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This post covers a free website to transform any GIF with text prompts using AI. is a website that allows users to create a new version of any GIF.

The process involves three steps. The first step is uploading a GIF or selecting one from the gallery. The second step is entering a prompt describing what they want to see in the new version.

And waiting for the GIF to be transformed.

Key Highlights:

  • uses to transform GIFs with text prompts.
  • It can edit a GIF based on the simple text prompt provided by the user.
  • The website has two styles; Amine and Vibrant.
  • Any GIF can easily be downloaded from the right-click content menu.

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Transform Any GIF with Text Prompts is freely available for anyone to use. There is no account or anything on the site. It opens with a landing page featuring the recently transformed GIFs by the users. It serves as a gallery of GIFs where we can view the before and after versions of the GIFs. We can also use any of those GIFs to transform them with our text prompt.

To transform a GIF, we can either upload a GIF from the storage or we can use any of the published GIFs on the website. It takes a few seconds to process the GIF. Once the GIF is loaded then we can add our prompt and shift the GIF.

We can define in natural language whatever we want to change in the GIF and pick the style for it. For instance, I use the GIF you can see in the screenshot attached above. Then I used a simple prompt to replace the character with Deadpool. You can use the result of that below.

This way, we can use this website to easily transform GIFs. The prompts work well for iconic and popular characters. The better we describe the better results we get.

You can give it a try here.

Closing Comment offers a simple yet effective way to transform GIFs using AI and text prompts. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward process, anyone can create a new version of a GIF in just a few easy steps. Whether you’re looking to replace characters, add new elements, or experiment with different styles, this website lets you experiment with it all.

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