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This post covers a tool to create motion graphics online free. Creating motion graphics sounds like a daunting task. It has been quite difficult with traditional tools that require prior knowledge and experience. But thanks to new technology and new tools, creating motion graphics is a lot easier now. Trangram is a vector-based motion graphics animation tool that works directly in your web browser.  It is a handy tool to create animated graphics that can be used as overlays, intercuts, titles, or calls-to-action. You can use this tool to add some dynamic movement to your designs or projects. The editor offers a user-friendly interface similar to popular video editors but simplified for ease of use. Let’s dive into how you can use this tool to animate your designs.


  • Free online motion graphics editor
  • Familiar UI similar to popular video editors
  • Simplified toolbar with shapes and color options
  • Simple timeline for keyframing and animation

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Create Motion Graphics Online for Free with Trangram

When you first visit the Trangram website, you’ll be greeted with a clean and straightforward interface. There is no need to download or install anything, everything happens right in your web browser. You can start using the editor right away. However, you should create an account first to be able to save your design. The homepage also features tutorials by other users that you can explore.

The editor’s layout is intuitive, with a toolbar on the side offering various shapes and color options. This makes it easy to quickly create the elements you need for your motion graphic. The toolbar features popular shapes that you can transform as per your needs. It also has options to add text and images to the design.

When you select a shape, a set of properties appears on the right side of the screen. This lets you precisely customize and configure various aspects of each shape. You can set local and global parameters for shape including size, position, anchor, rotation, depth, geometry, stroke, and more.

At the bottom, it has a timeline where the animation happens. Here, you can link your shapes together and add keyframes to animate your design. Whether you want a simple fade-in effect or a complex movement sequence, the timeline gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired result.

Trangram’s simplicity is its strength. Unlike traditional animation software that feels hard to get started, Trangram streamlines the process. You don’t need to be a professional animator to create motion graphics. With Trangram, you can see your design evolve into a fully-fledged animation.

You can give this a try here.

Closing Comment

In conclusion, Trangram is a nice tool for anyone wanting to get into the world of motion graphics. With simple UI and easy-to-use tools, it bridges the learning curve to animate graphics. Whether you’re a graphic designer, social media enthusiast, or just someone with a creative spark, this tool can empower you to express yourself through animation.

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