Use Gemini in Google Sheets to Generate Complex Formulas and Tables

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This post covers the use of Gemini in Google Sheets to generate complex formulas and tables. Gemini is the family of large language models by Google.

Gemini has replaced Bard becoming the de-facto AI product of Google. Recently Google introduced Gemini AI on Android which replaces the Google Assistant. Now, it is making its way to other Google products starting with Sheets, Docs, and more.


Key Highlights:

  • Gemini is available in personal Google Sheets accounts along with the work accounts.
  • It summarizes the sheet content with chat functionality for interactions.
  • It is also capable of generating formulas and tables that can be directly inserted into the sheet.
  • Gemini in Google Sheets can also generate text content.

Gemini in Google Sheets

The new Gemini assistant in Google Sheets sits at the top right corner next to the “Share” button. Clicking on that button opens a side pane inside the Google Sheets. Gemini analyzes the content of the sheet and provides a summary of the content.

You can add your queries to the Gemini to ask questions or perform tasks. For instance, with the “Help me organize” prompt, you can generate tables with column headers. You can directly ask Gemini to create various tables based on the sheet content.

Formulas are crucial in spreadsheets when dealing with large data. One of the best uses of Gemini in Google Sheets is that you can create formulas. You can simply define what operation you want to do in natural languages and Gemini will provide the formula to you. From there, you can either copy and paste the formula or directly add it to the sheet using the “Insert” button alongside the formula. This way, you can easily create complex formulas for any task in a sheet and implement them within a few clicks.

Closing Comment

Gemini is a handy addition to Google Sheets that can help improve productively. With Gemini, you no longer have to remember formulas or look them up on the web. Gemini makes it possible to create custom formulas tailored to exact needs. Table generation and content summary can also further simplify tasks while saving time.

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