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Here are 6 free online HTML to Markdown converter websites. You can upload HTML data from PC or paste it manually and then convert it to Markdown format. Some websites also support feature to upload HTML file from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

change GIF color with these free websites
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Here are 3 free GIF color changer websites. These websites provide different effects such as Grayscale, Sepia, Tint, and/or custom colors to change animated GIF color. You can also preview input and output animated GIFs.

free open source file manager software
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Here are 5 free open source file manager software for Windows. These can be used as an alternative to Windows Explorer or File Explorer. Some of these file managers have interesting features as well. You can open multiple tabs, use dual pane view mode, split and merge files, delete files securely, etc.

export list of facebook friends
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This tutorial explains how to export list of Facebook friends. You can download the list of Facebook friends as JSON or HTML file. For this, I have covered two methods in this tutorial.

create shortcuts of registry keys
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This tutorial explains how to create shortcuts to registry keys. You can copy path of any Registry key to clipboard and then create its shortcut to any folder. You can also create shortcuts of registry favorites added by you on Registry Editor.

see thumbnails of all firefox tabs
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This tutorial explains how to see thumbnails of all Firefox tabs. You can use a free add-on, known as “Tip Tab” for this. When you will click add-on icon, it shows thumbnails of all tabs, including private and other windows, in a new tab. You can also zoom in a thumbnail and click on any thumbnail to access that tab.

disable new tab in chrome browser
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This tutorial explains how to disable new tab in Google Chrome. You can first set the maximum number of tabs, say 1, that can be opened in Chrome browser and when you will try to open a new tab, it won’t open. For this, you need to use a free Chrome extension, called “xTab”.

bulk optimize images online
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Here are 5 free websites to bulk optimize images. Upload JPG, PNG, or GIF image to compress it for optimization. Some of these websites also help you compress animated GIF. The output image looks similar to the original image and you won’t be able to identify the difference between original and compressed image.

online tiff viewer free websites
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Here are 5 free online TIFF viewer websites. All these online TIFF viewers let you upload TIFF image from your PC and view it. Most of these websites come with zoom in and out feature to properly view uploaded TIFF.

reorder pdf pages online for free
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Here are 5 free websites to reorder PDF pages. These websites help you change the position of each page of input PDF file and then save the output with arranged pages as a single PDF file. All websites support feature to upload PDF from PC and some sites also come with option to add PDF from Dropbox and Google Drive.

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