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extract all links from pdf
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This tutorial explains how to extract all links from PDF. You can see the total number of links present in a PDF file and then save all those links in a plain text file. You can also extract only selected links and extract them. This can be done using a free software, named as “PDF Link Editor”.

free online xy graph plotters
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Here are 5 free online XY graph plotter websites. You can set X and Y range, use functions, simple equations, etc., and preview the output graph. You can also save the output graph as PNG, PDF, EPS, or store graph online.

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This tutorial explains how to convert QIF to PDF file. You can do this with the help of a QIF viewer software and a virtual PDF printer software. This tutorial will help you in that.

view diagnostic data in windows 10
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This tutorial explains how to view diagnostic data in Windows 10. All the data which is collected by Windows such as device connectivity and configuration, browsing history, typing input, etc., can be viewed easily using built-in feature of Windows 10.

free hl7 viewer software
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Here are 3 free HL7 viewer software for Windows. These software help you expand HL7 message file data to view segments, components, sub-components, field number, field, description, and other information stored in an HL7 file.

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Here are 5 free online manga to PDF converter websites. You can convert manga chapters available on MangaFox, MangaReader, and other popular sites and also convert a manga file available in EPUB, FB2, JPG, PNG, or other formats to PDF file.

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