4 Online BBCode Table Generator Websites Free

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Here is a list of 4 free online BBCode table generator websites. You can add preferred rows and columns and get output as BBCode (or Bulletin Board Code) table data. You can either generate a blank table or add text content of your choice in that BBCode table. Final output can be copied to clipboard and then you can save it using some code editor where BBCode formatting is supported.

These BBCode table generator sites have many other options that are worth trying. For example, you can create JSON table, Markdown table, HTML table, delete any row or table, set the table text alignment, increase decrease column span, and more.

Let’s check all these online BBCode table generators.


Truben.no website interface

Truben.no is one of the best websites on this list to generate BBCode table. It lets you select table size and then a blank table will be in front of you. You can start filling table data and then select BBCode tab to see the output. The BBCode table data is generated automatically.

It also comes with many other great options. You can:

  • Set text alignment to center, right, or left.
  • Add new column to left or right.
  • Move a column.
  • Increase decrease column span.
  • Sort table numerically or alphabetically.
  • Delete a row, move a row, add new row, and duplicate a row.
  • Add or remove all borders from table.
  • Add vertical borders.
  • Invert table.
  • Add table note.
  • Table caption.

Apart from these fantastic features, this website is also helpful to generate LaTeX table, Markdown, Wiki Markup, LaTeX table, JSON table, etc. I really like this website.



Teampolis website comes with a nice BBCode table generator feature. The link is here. Use Create/Load button and go to the second step. Here, you can specify rows and columns, use Apply button, and then a blank table will be in front of you. Enter the text in table cells and use Generate button. It will give you table data in BBCode format. Copy BBCode table data to clipboard and put it on the required place.

Before generating the table, you can also enable the option to make first row of table as header. This is a good option to use. The interface is very simple and creating BBCode table is easier. It also provides the option to load an existing table using Create/Load button, but it didn’t work for me. It just created new table only. Other than that, everything is good.

PHPBB BBCode Table Generator

PHPBB BBCode Table Generator

PHPBB BBCode Table Generator (Homepage) is also a nice website and a good competitor to other sites covered on this list. The website provides pre-defined table without any data with 3*3 rows and columns. You can use the available buttons to add and delete rows and columns.

It gives output in real-time which is a very good feature. As soon as you add some data in a cell, create and delete rows and columns, it gives output in the bottom box. You can copy the BBCode table data and then use it anywhere you want.



WysiBB is actually a BBCode editor software but it also provides a demo page. In that page, you can add content like text, image, bullet list, etc., and then view the BBCode formatting. The option to insert table using that demo page is also available. So, you can use that demo page, insert table, fill the text in the cells, and then view its BBCode table data.

There is [BBCODE] option available to view table data in BBCode format. Once you have used that option, copy the data, and then manually save it. This way, its demo page can be used as BBCode table generator. You can also make text bold, underline, italic, etc., in table, do the changes wherever needed, and copy the final table.

The Conclusion:

These are the 4 best online options to generate BBCode table. Though the feature to generate BBCode table is good in all sites, my most favorite website on this list is “Truben.no“. This website is multipurpose. It can be used to create different format tables by just using the single table data and the options for BBCode table are also very good. This is definitely better than other online BBCode table generators.

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