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Here is a list of 5 free online MIDI to MP3 converter websites. MIDI (stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a music file with *.mid format and it is usually very small (in KBs) in size. Those who want good online options for MIDI to MP3 conversion, this list is good. Some of these sites support batch conversion mode and other MIDI to MP3 converters can convert one file at once.

There are other interesting features also present. For example, you can add fade in and fade out effect to MP3 files, set audio sample rate, audio bitrate, trim audio, store output file to Google Drive, and more.

Let’s see these online MIDI to MP3 converters.


FreeConvert.com website

FreeConvert.com is one of my favorite sites for MIDI to MP3 conversion. The features are really great and that’s why this website is placed on the top of the MIDI to MP3 converter websites. Here are the features that make it a great option for MIDI to MP3 conversion:

  • Batch mode is supported for conversion. Single MIDI file size limit is 200 MB.
  • You can convert desktop files or convert an online MIDI file.
  • The audio bitrate (6 kbps, 12 kbps, 48 kbps, 96 kbps, 128 kbps, 224 kbps, 320 kbps, etc.) can be selected for output files.
  • The audio sample rate can also be set. You can use the drop-down menu and set the sample rate to 8000 Hz, 32000 Hz, 48000 Hz, 11025 Hz, etc.
  • You can also cut input MIDI files (by adding start and end points) to get MP3 files with a particular time range only.
  • Fade in Fade out effect can also be added for MP3 files which is an interesting feature.

Add MIDI files, convert them, and download all files together or one by one.


Online-convert.com website

Online-convert.com is one of the best MIDI to MP3 converters here. Its MIDI to MP3 conversion page is here. The list of features that make it a handy MIDI audio converter is:

  • Batch convert MIDI files to MP3 audio files. Size limit for a single MIDI file is 100 MB.
  • Add MIDI from PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • Convert online MIDI file.
  • Change audio bitrate for the MP3 file to 45-85 kbps, 220-260 kbps, 150-195 kbps, etc., or keep it constant.
  • Trim audio. This is very useful if you want a specific part from MIDI file for MP3 conversion. You can set start and end time and generate MP3.

Add your MIDI audio files, set options, and start the conversion process. When the conversion is finished, download all MP3 files together in a zip file. Or else, you can download them one by one. The option to store output MP3 files to Dropbox or Google Drive is also there which makes it more useful. Each MP3 file can be saved up to 10 times for 24 hours. When this limit is reached, the website removes all those files automatically.



Zamzar is a very popular website. It supports hundreds of file formats for conversion. MIDI to MP3 file conversion is also supported. You can convert 5 MIDI files at once or convert a single online MIDI file. The total size limit for input files should be less than 150 MB. This limit is more than the required limit for MIDI files, so the size limit won’t be a problem for its conversion.

Add MIDI files, select output as MP3, and start the conversion. All the MP3 files can be downloaded one by one. It also stores MP3 files for 24 hours only and then it deletes them. It is a handy MIDI to MP3 conversion website and you can try it.


CoolUtils.com website

CoolUtils.com is also a handy website for converting MIDI file to MP3. Only one MIDI file conversion at once is supported but it gives the option to upload MIDI from Google Drive, PC, or Dropbox. Also, it lets you set sample rate, channels (mono or stereo), and audio bitrate using the available options.

If you want, you can also keep the default options, and continue. The good thing is the conversion process is automatic. You only have to press DOWNLOAD CONVERTED FILE button. It will process MIDI file and lets you download MP3 to your PC.

Online Converter

Online Converter website

Online Converter is a very simple website but the features to convert MIDI to MP3 are nice. One MIDI audio (with maximum 200 MB size) can be converted at once, but you have the option to convert an online MIDI file or upload MIDI file from the desktop. Also, you can set the audio quality to default or use any of the pre-set quality levels (8-bit, 320-bit, 128-bit, 32-bit, etc.).

Just provide the source file, use Options to change audio quality, and begin the audio conversion. The output audio can be downloaded a maximum 10 times or 24 hours. After this time period, the website automatically deletes the file from its storage. You can also do it manually using the Delete option once you’ve downloaded the MP3 audio.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list of 5 best free online MIDI to MP3 converters. The main feature is good in all these sites. But, if I talk about other features like batch conversion, fade in fade out effect, etc., then the first website is better than others.

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