7 Best Online Planet Name Generator Websites Free

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This list includes 7 best free online planet name generator websites. If you have imagined some planet with its climate, resources, shape, and other things, and looking for a suitable name for it, then these sites can definitely be helpful. There could be many other reasons for finding the planet names. You might want it for a book, play, short video, or for any other reasons. 4000+ exoplanets have been discovered so far and the names to all those planets are given already. You can either try new names for those planets for fun or give name to the planets you’ve in your imagination.

These planet name generators don’t come with any complex settings. Also, there ain’t any need to create some account to generate planet names. Everything is very simple. Just press the button provided by the website you’re using and planet names will be in front of you.

Let’s check these free online planet name generator sites.


RandomNameGenerator.org website

I’m starting the list with this website because this is the only website on this list that can generate 30 unique planet names at a time. RandomNameGenerator.org is also one of my favorite planet name generators. With a single refresh button, it can generate and present 30 planet names every time.

You can also add planet names to saved list. There is ‘star‘ icon just before each planet name. Use that icon and that name will be added to “My saved names” section on the right part. When the final list is ready, copy all saved names, and then start using them.

This website brings many other name generators. These include: town name generator, city name generator, team name generator, project name generator, book name generator, etc. I like the features of this website.

Cool Generator List

Cool Generator List

This Cool Generator List website gives a nice competition to RandomNameGenerator.org website. This website can generate 21 planet names at a time. It provides two buttons: Generate new which is available on the top middle part and New Planet Name Generator button which is given at the bottom part (below the list of names). You can use any of those buttons and the result will be given to you.

This website is not limited to planet name generator only. It has different categories like text, font, color, name, etc., and each category includes multiple generators. For example, you can access name category to use last name generator, baby name generator, band name generator, fake name generator, etc. This website is definitely better than others.

Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators is an all in one website for name generation. Apart from planet name generator, it can generate angel names, monster names, half-elf, alien, anime character, amusement parks, dwarf, dragon, genie names, and more. The link to its planet name generator page is here.

When you open this page, it automatically presents 10 planet names with a beautiful background. You can generate 10 more random planet names using the “Get planet names” button. Press than button anytime and new names will be visible. So, this is how you can find interesting planet names using this website. I like the name suggestions and straightforward interface.


Enneadgames.com website

Enneadgames.com is another useful planet name generator website. I like its dark theme interface where it generates 10 planet names, just like Fantasy Name Generators website. You can also get more results or next 10 random planet names using the available button. So, check the first list, get more results, move to the next list, and repeat unless you have a final list of planet names.

Apart from using its planet name generator, you can use its corporate babble generator, generate tattoo information (like tattoo location (face, neck, etc.), colorization, tattoo type), etc.


NGenerators Planet Name Generator interface

NGenerators is a fantastic option because it directly provides a list which contains hundreds of planet names. That list has 10 planet names in a page. You can jump to next pages to get more names. If you don’t want to use the list, then simply generate random planet names using the given button. It generates 5 planet names at once and you can get more and more names using the same generate button.

What you can do is once you have generated planet names, you can match them with the available list. And, if you get some perfect combination, you can keep it, and then repeat the cycle. Or else, you can use the generated names that are sufficient enough and suitable to use as planet names.


Scifiideas planet name generator

Scifiideas.com is a good choice for generating 3 planet names in a single shot. Opening the page of its planet name generator will give you 3 planet names by default. You can simple refresh the page or tab and next 3 planet names will be in front of you.

Like other sites covered on the list, this website also gives random names. So, keep refreshing the page to get some good planet names, copy the ones that you like, make your list, and then match the final names with the planets.

This website can also help you get story ideas, alien ideas (which includes creature concept), etc.


NMS Gen website interface

Nmsgen.com is the simplest website on this list. There are no options, just a single “Generate New Name…” button. Use that button and a random planet name will be in front of you. The website actually provides good names which are suitable for a planet.

The only thing that I didn’t like is one planet name at once is generated. You need to click that generate button again and again to find some good names and repeat this process until you have a good list of planet names. So, yes the website lacks the feature to provide multiple planet names at once, but it is simplest also. It can definitely help you.

The Conclusion:

So, these are the best free online planet name generators you can try. All these planet name generator websites are good. But, the most useful website on this list is “RandomNameGenerator.org“. Generating 30 unique planet names is a very useful feature and it also comes with other interesting name generators.

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