• http://www.bigmarker.com Zhu-Song Mei

    BigMarker.com is also a free web conferencing company with out any restrictions. It combines web conferencing and social network to create a live place for knowledge exchange. People can conduct private meetings or open them up to the world. The conference service is completely free and does not contain any restriction.

  • http://www.dwayneflinchum.com Karina

    Dim Dim has been purchased by SalesForce. They stopped accepting new registrations.

  • Kinns

    Pls which of these platforms is ideal for realtime online tutoring?

  • BoyanSabev

    as dimdim was discontinued recently id like to suggest a new tool for online tutoring, video conferencing and the such: http://www.meetingl.com it if free and doesnt require installation, also its easy to use.

  • http://zeroseven.ru/ annamarkinova

    Finally, I think the leadership of the working committees (both the main leader and the committee) needs to be thought about carefully. The choice of who is in the leadership committees can’t be entirely self-appointed, and it needs to to have the appearance of not being self-appointed at all. Even better if there is a community process for appointing the committees, or at least some room for (private) community input. I say this because during my time serving as the Documentation Team Leader, several times I ran into people who didn’t recognize my authority to make decisions, or who thought I had just given myself the title of Team Leader (which wasn’t really the case), and this was always uncomfortable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aliasgar.babat.1 Aliasgar Babat

    DimDim is no longer available. I would recommend deploying on premise web conferencing or online meeting appliance such as RHUB appliances in order to conduct webinar, web conferences, online meetings, online presentations etc.