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CareerBuilder iPad
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Here are 5 Free job search apps for iPad and iPhone that let you search jobs on iPad and iPhone. These include CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed.com, and Beyond.com apps.

LinkedIn ipad
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Here are 5 Free LinkedIn apps for iPad.These free Ipad Linkedin apps include LinkedIn for iPad, Hootsuite, Yoono, Stroodle, and Face2Face.

Google Search iPad
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Here are 5 Free Search engine apps for iPad that let you easily search anything on iPad. These include Google search, bing search, DuckDuckgo, Yellow Pages, Neon pages.

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile
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Here are 5 Free Paint apps for iPad, that let you do painting in iPad. Includes: Autodesk Sketchbook for iPad, myPaint for iPad, Drawing Box, Doodle Kids, Kids Paint.

Opera iPad
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Here are 4 Free Browser apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. These include Opera for iPad, Lunascape for iPad, Terra for iPad, Atomic Web Browser for iPad.

Weather Channel Max iPad
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Here are 5 free Weather apps for iPad. This includes Weather channel app, accuweather app, weatherbug. These weather apps work on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Sports Illustrated App
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Here are 5 of the best free sports apps for iPad. These include CBS sports app, Yahoo sportacular app, ESPN Scorecenter XP, Sports Illustrated, NBA Game time app for iPad.

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Here are 5 Best free iPad news apps. These include CNN app, Huffington Post app, AP app, NPR app, Newsweek app. Download free news app for iPad.