5 Free LinkedIn Apps for iPad

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Here are 5 Free LinkedIn apps for iPad that let you easily stay connected on Linkedin using iPad. Some of these iPad Linkedin apps even support other social networks, like, Facebook, and Twitter. All these apps are completely free, and work on iPhone, and iPod Touch as well.

LinkedIn App for iPad

LinkedIn ipad

Keeping up with your professional contacts and staying relevant in the business world has become much easier to accomplish on the go using the LinkedIn App for iPad.

With this free professional connection app, you have access to the profiles of millions of upwardly mobile business gurus in real time. You can also network virtually and see what your contacts are watching in terms of trending stories, stock quotes and a whole lot more.

LinkedIn App for iPad is freely downloadable from the iPad app store and it gives you access to the latest industry news, especially related to what your network peers are following and sharing. This great free app also lets you market yourself to prospective employers by building up a profile which displays your professional achievements.

The newest version of LinkedIn App for iPad is loaded with LinkedIn news which delivers news to you based on the kind of actions and information you share with your connections. So, get ready to access top news stories and connect with your contacts in the professional world at same time.

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Yoono App for iPad

Yoono iPad

Social media is the norm now for keeping in touch with friends and colleagues and the best iPad apps in this category are those that give you access to multiple social networks at the same time. Yoono App for iPad is one of the front runners in this regard.

Apart from helping you stay in touch with your contacts on the LinkedIn platform, this free iPad social network client also keeps you connected to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr etc. at the same time. You can make status updates simultaneously on this app and also view your message boxes and notifications.

Managing your LinkedIn account using this free app is less distractive as the other social networks you love are in same location. Picture uploads are also very simple and multiple LinkedIn accounts can be managed swiftly.

Generally, multi-tasking is easier on Yoono App for iPad as it lets you achieve more on your LinkedIn account. Head up to the iPad app store to get a free download of this great free LinkedIn client right away.

HootSuite App for iPad

HootSuite iPad

Have you always wanted to achieve more on your LinkedIn network without having to switch so often to other social networks? If yes, then HootSuite App for iPad is the answer to your desires.

This great free social network client gives you full access to your LinkedIn connections including Twitter and Facebook among others. With HootSuite App for iPad, you can make status updates, follow what your connections are reading and get information on top jobs available on the market.

You can also update your LinkedIn profile directly from this app and synchronize with the desktop web version, making it possible for you to import contacts and other data connected to your LinkedIn and other social media networks.

HootSuite App for iPad can be enjoyed either in landscape or portrait mode and gives you the ability to translate messages from your LinkedIn connections to different languages as desired.

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Stroodle App for iPad

Stroodle iPad

I am sure everyone of us is used to the term “Google it” and should brace ourselves for a newer term which is “Stroodle it”, meaning you will be able to access your LinkedIn network and other social media networks from one single application.

In essence, Stroodle App for iPad enables you to link up with your LinkedIn network, your Facebook atreams, Twitter feeds and much more in a single window. This means you can stay better connected to your contacts in real time.

This great free social networks and LinkedIn client can be personalized to meets specific needs, depending on what your connections are following and the app can be easily set up on your iPad with no need for any registration or subscriptions.

The default mode for Stroodle App for iPad is “always on”, meaning that your LinkedIn platform and other social networks will be up and running at all times. Also, you can like comments, create private messages and cross posts across different platforms. What a great free app you have in Stroodle App for iPad.

Face2face App for iPad

face2face iPad

Face2face App for iPad is another great free iPad app that keeps you connected to your LinkedIn contacts and other social networks at all times, giving you the ability to multi task while on the go. Apart from LinkedIn, it also works with Facebook, and Twitter.

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