How to Boot Computer from USB without BIOS Support

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I told a friend about Flow operating system that can be run from USB Drive. He was quite excited about that, and wanted to try it out on his laptop. However, he found that the BIOS of his laptop does not provide support for booting from USB Drive.

I was a bit surprised to hear that, and started searching for option to still boot from USB Drive without BIOS support. I came across this great freeware called Plop Boot Manager that lets you boot your computer from hard drive, CD/DVD, and USB Drive, even if your BIOS does not support it.

Plop Boot Manager is quite easy to use. You can install it in your hard drive, or burn on a CD/DVD, or write image to a USB Stick (you should not use USB drive for Plot Boot Manager if your computer does not support booting from USB).


After that, you will boot into Plop Boot Manager from that device (CD/DVD, or hard drive). Once booted, Plop Boot Manager will present you with its own menu where you can select the device that you want to boot from.

So, even if your computer does not let you boot from USB drive, Plop Boot Manager will let you do that.

Plop Boot Manager is a very easy to use, simple, and useful program. It has many other features as well:

  • Boot from USB without BIOS support
  • Boot from Floppy
  • Boot from CD/DVD without BIOS support
  • Can be installed on the hard drive as well
  • Comes with both Graphic user interface, and text mode user interface
  • Access entire area of USB stick (up to 2TB), even if BIOS supports up to 128MB only.
  • Comes with built-in drivers for USB Drive.
  • Completely free.

If you have been waiting to try those fun operating systems like Ubuntu Netbook Remix because your BIOS does not support USB Drive, Plop Boot Manager will let you do that.

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