Free Hard Drive Defragmenter For Windows: My Defragmenter

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My Defragmenter is a free hard drive defragmenter for Windows that helps to reunite fragmented files on your hard disk and increases PC performance. There are a lot of reasons due to which hard disk gets fragmented such as by changing or deleting files over time. This results in slow performance of PC as it takes more time to access data from disk. To overcome this problem, you need a defragmenter that can solve this problem and can reunite cluttered files in a contiguous space on your hard drive.

My Defragmenter comes in handy as it provides a very simple to use interface to quickly analyze your hard disk and defragment it with a single click. Although a lot of software to defragment hard drive are available, but this hard drive Defragmenter is a bit different. Reason is that it comes with an auto scheduler that helps to automatically defragment your hard drive time to time.

My Defragmenter 01 hard drive defragmenter

As you can see in the above screenshot, whole working is done on its main window. That means, whether you want to analyze your hard disk to view fragmentation percentage or you want to start defragmentation process, you can do it by hitting available buttons for it. The software is intelligent enough to tell you whether there is a need to start defragmentation or not. You just need to select drives and start defragmenting them. Once after completing the defragmentation, your hard disk will become healthy enough from which data accessing will speed up.

My Defragmenter 02 hard drive defragmenter

Its one of the convenient ways to perform defragmentation of hard drive of your computer. You can view its important features below!

Key Features of This Hard Drive Defragmenter:

  • Simple and powerful way to defragment your hard disk.
  • Very lightweight software.
  • One click analysis and defragmenting process.
  • Whole process is to be done on main window.
  • Auto scheduling facility present to defragment hard drive from time to time.
  • Available free of cost for Windows.

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Get & Install My Defragmenter:

You can use this link that will direct you to the page from where you can get My Defragmenter. As this software is less than 2 mb, it will download quickly to your computer. After this, install it by following installation steps and start using it to defragment your hard drive.

In summary, My Defragmenter is a good software that will help you defragment your hard drive and will increase speed of your PC. Try it and use it free of cost on Windows.

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