Disk Defragmentation Software For Free: PerfectDisk Free Defrag

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PerfectDisk Free Defrag  is a free disk defragmentation software which performs disk defragmentation on your computer. Apart from defragmentation, it also supports the scanning of disk drive for errors. The software fragments your memory space, thus speeding up the execution process.

Interface design:

The interface is designed pretty neatly and cleanly. You would not find much difficulty in sailing through the various tools provided by the software. For normal defragmentation process, you just need to start the procedure by clicking the play button and selecting the desired drive.

As PerfectDisk Free Defrag is an exclusive disk defragmentation software, attention to minute details has been provided.  Under the defragmentation tab, you will get to see the status of your drive; whether it is idle or is under generation, total space on the drive and the file fragmentation percentage.

The working of the software:

Though defragmentation software are provided with your Windows copy, they are limited in their scope! PerfectDisk Free Defrag defragments better and provides efficient optimization of the drive based on the memory allocation and file space. Many users complain that the Windows defragmenter takes a hell lot of time and does not consolidate the disk space properly. For those who wish to have both these features in their defragmentation software, PerfectDisk Free Defrag is the perfect choice.

 There is an option of scanning on a weekly or daily schedule too! The default method of defragmenting is to consolidate the free space available on your hard disk drive.

After starting the analysis process, a total analysis of your drive is constructed and shown. The drive details, drive performance, metadata statistics, file statistics, free space statistics; just every minute information about the drive is provided. It includes an option of saving or printing the statistics of your drive. Also, a drive map tab is generated. It shows the used blocks, meta-data, excluded ones and the free ones.

When you start your defragmentation process by clicking the Start button, the software optimizes every file which is present on the hard disk drive which is being optimized. Depending on the drive size, this could take a considerable amount of time.

The Software Drawback:

After installing the software on my laptop, I tried defragmenting but got an error saying change the battery settings in the global power tab. I found it hard to find the Global settings tab and had to reinstall the software, to get rid of the error. There was no settings tab on the software!

Downloading and Installation of This Free Defragmentation Software:

PerfectDisk Free Defrag is a defragmentation software by Raxco. It’s available for download on many software websites. I installed it via the Download manager! The setup was fairly quick, and the software does not take up much space. Also, check out free software to defragment hard drive.

The Final Verdict

PerfectDisk Free Defrag is an excellent defragmentation software, which can effectively optimize the disk space. It speeds up the performance of your system. Not only that, it analyzes your drive system in detail and provides an accurate analysis of the file system on your drive. The software is available for free, so it is worth going for it.

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