Picture Browser and Viewer: PIE (Picture Information Extractor)

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Picture information extractor, is a free piece of software which is a picture browser and viewer on your computer. This photo software can also be used to edit the file name of your photo and viewing the metadata of the picture.

Interface of this Picture Browser and Viewer

Picture information extractor has a very good interface. It is really easy to use and navigate. Tools like importing or find your photos are easy to find. In a screenshot below you can see the two ways to find your photos. The two areas in black are where you can find your pictures.

picture browser pie_import_pictures

Once you have clicked a photo you will be able to see the metadata on that photo. In the screenshot below you will be able to see the metadata of an example photo.

picture browser pie_metadata

Unfortunately you cannot change metadata with the free version of this software, to be able to change the metadata you would need to purchase the full version of the software.


Picture information extractor provides the best experiences when you’re viewing photos. When you double-click a photo it will take you into full screen mode, this will allow you to see the picture in full. Once you are in the full screen mode and viewing your picture you will be able to see there is information about the picture in the top left of the screen. The data you get on your picture is the file name, a star rating, the date the picture was taken, the time the picture was taken, the shutter, the aperture, flash, ISO, the date and time of when the picture had been modified and the file size of the photo. I have provided a screenshot below that shows this.

picture browser pie_image_viewer_metadata

There is also an option of how you view the photos inside of the software. You can choose to list the pictures, list the pictures by file details, have a metadata list of the pictures and you can view the pictures by the thumbnails of the pictures. In the screenshots below you will be able to see the different ways you can view the pictures.

The screenshot below is a list of the pictures.

picture browser pie_view_list

The screenshot below is of the file details.

picture browser pie_view_file_details

The screenshot below is of a metadata list.

picture browser pie_image_viewer_metadata_list

The screenshot below is a view of the pictures thumbnails.

picture browser Optimized-pie_image_viewer_thumbnailsUses

Picture information extractor is a brilliant piece of software for photographers or anyone who wants to easily be able to view their pictures or to rename their pictures. For photographers the paid version would be a lot better because then you would have the ability to be able to edit the metadata on the pictures.

You can also check out free metadata removal software and free photo organizers reviewed by us.


Picture information extractor is a really nice piece of software, however it would be better if the free version was able to edit metadata.

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